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Here's austin jackson jackson has a hit and a walk in three trips positive night offensively hitting two fifty two's get the on base average up to three thirty one still not hitting for any real power but his texas native austin jackson back in his home state offensive numbers starting to look a little more normal for him run don't bounces a slider for ball one will not be easy tomorrow against ver landers got a one point zero five earned run average the only guy better in the american league in garrett cole who started tonight is the guy who's starting tomorrow here's a strike from rod dome had ninety eight to count there's one in one it's weird how the giants have been james play in probably the most pitcher friendly ballpark in the game here's a slider for a called strike average more than five runs a game at home this year and just over three runs a game on the road again tonight that's been a much better hitting team much better hitting team at home one to is high jackson to do thirty five thousand plus here tonight a lot of those folks have left balls strikes account and it is a little bit high three or two i'm thinking about round rendell and they're not often a lot of cricket bats john's romblon would you what he's just done here even ahead of the count full nibbles three to his hit follow back out of play that time he wasn't nibbling he just pumped one right down the middle had ninety seven which is a good strategy when the score is eleven to two rockies by the way of tied their game in la against the dodgers to to to giants fans might be torn on that one the rockies are in first place ahead of the giants in the standings but it's of course the dodgers here is strike three call through austin jackson and this game.

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