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But read these four comics tales of suspense, one nine tells to astonish one nine what you think about them questions. You have thoughts all that good stuff and me and CB. We'll talk about him on that special episode, which is going to come out in just a couple of weeks and one last thing, sadly, it's also about me are digital series marvel. Make me a hero has a very special guest next week me this weekend. Ryan. Yeah. Do you guys are going to lose it? When you see my amazing hero. I can't wait for this. Can you give us any hints? As to what your hero is all about buzz. Do you know what's your buzzer? I used to know Zuma's are wonderful, comfortable pants. That that MC hammer pants kind of like, MC, hammer pens. They were created by wrestlers because wrestlers have big legs and butts. And so the no this honest, I believe you. It's uncomfortable for them to wallets and keys and stuff in their pants. So they would use fanny packs, and they wanted comfortable pants that their legs weren't like squished in jeans. And so I love zoo, bows, and they were fashioned sensation in the early nineties. Yeah. I mean, they definitely came back. Yeah. There's going to be all the rage after this episode so people they never went away. That's right. Check this out on marvel dot com, and YouTube and social media and all that good stuff. And finally before we get into our this week in marvel history section to give a big shout out to Saana amount of who is of course, one of our VP's here at marvel and she works on character development. And she is co host of women of marvel she also was the intrepid reporter recently as she got to do a profile. Rehearse in in in style magazine. At is terrific is really good. I've never read any of sun as journalism before. And she just crushed. She's so good. We are all super excited. But I know what you guys are excited about you're excited about this weekend marvel history. Okay. I have been getting real deep stuff. Let's start. So we're gonna talk about February eighth through February fourteenth of cross eighty years. We're going to start. I think I put this correctly in chronological order February. Thank teen sixty two that day was the release of fantastic four number four, which is the return of name or to marvel comics bringing him back. There's a wonderful panel where the sequences Johnny storm is looking for name more. Here's he's still alive. Even though he's not been around for twenty years and a guy like a drunk guys like that guy over there. And there's a guy with a beard descending. Now that's name or like what Johnny burns off name or beer. And he's like, oh, yeah. That's him. So good, that's one way to shave Stanley. Jack, Kirby gotta read it. So good one year later February twelfth nineteen sixty three amazing Spiderman.

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