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Aaron Rodgers, Packers, Defensive Coordinator discussed on His and Hers and SC6


In the end michael watson aaron rodgers best interest is in the green bay packers best interests as a whole very true i mean he is one of the greatest quarterback of all time he duckpin the most important position but klay matthew plays in those commercials as well other notable guys who with careers they still have to maintain beyond this season as well are huge break for the vikings in the lions getting bread humbly and not aaron rodgers the next two weeks you also wrote on espn dot com going back to the uncharted territory the packers are in missing the playoffs for the first time since two thousand an eight about some of the possible ramifications higher than rogers as as it relates to mike mccarthy ted thompson dom capers a defensive coordinator so missing the playoffs this year granted rogers mis seven and we'll be nine games could we see other domino's fall as a result of the packers uncharacteristically missing the playoffs yeah let's start at the top general manager ted thompson he's got one more year left on his contract you'll be sixty five in january it's it's very possible that the packers could say you know what it's time for a new voice at the top now mike mccarthy also one year left on his contract his job is safe he's he's won a super bowl he's done a masterful job with this team but could mccarthy decide that maybe it's time to make a change of for example with the defense which has really struggled since the super bowl season of two thousand ten but i don't know that mccarthy makes any significant coaching changes whether it's the dump capers the defensive coordinator somebody else on the staff if he doesn't get a new contract i don't know of any head coach would want to bring in a new defensive coordinator when they're going into the final year of their deal are robbing finance we appreciated the packers won of eight consecutive playoff appearances that was second longest in the history of the national football conference warned shards hiring the cowboys worn on the late seventies in for the early.

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Aaron Rodgers, Packers, Defensive Coordinator discussed on His and Hers and SC6

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