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Will start two and a half miles before the bridge on eastbound 50 and it will give you a lot more notice of bridge lane closures ahead. And out of the top stories we're working on here at WTO. D.C. is rethinking its plan to provide fair, free, metro bus rides this summer. It's all because of the cost. And a grand jury has indicted a northeast D.C. man on 6 counts for the shooting death of a 13 year old boy back in January. Keep it here for full details on these stories in the minutes I had. It's 6 48. Trafficking weather every ten minutes on the aids here is Dave dildine in the WTO P traffic center. He interstate three 95 from the downtown tunnels into Arlington, southbound traffic remains slow across the 14th street bridge, past The Pentagon, but the crash at glebe road was cleared from the left lane, about three minutes ago, all lanes on three 95 south are open, heading for shirlington and beyond. 95, the southbound congestion remains in woodbridge and near dumfries, but the pace is improving through Quantico, the crash in your mom mark or one 45 is on the right shoulder. All lanes reopen there about 15 minutes ago. 66 settling down still slow on the beltway outer loop from Eisenhower to the Wilson and from the toll road to the legion bridge. And in Montgomery county onto the spur, northbound on two 70 to laid off the spur toward montrose road. The left lane on two 70s restricted not because of HOV, but because of a crash on the left side, beyond montrose you shake loose and only minor delays now through Gaithersburg. 95 northbound, you're 32, Howard county, EMS heading to a new crash. And on the BW Parkway, we are still slow northbound toward the capitol beltway. There's likely something blocking lane at the beltway interchange, but beyond four 95, the pace is decent on the Parkway heading for fort mead and the airport route 50. Wide open between the beltway and the bay bridge. In the district, eastbound on Pennsylvania avenue from eastern market across the susa bridge still slow, the crash remains at Minnesota, avenue, southeast. Life is better when we do things together, like sharing the ride to work, learn more at commuter connections, dot org. Dave del dein WTO traffic. All right, let's get back to storm team four. Mike staniford Mike RC saw whether the past several weeks continues. That will continue the next several days. By the way, look in the west right now, Venus and Jupiter right next to each other

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