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Was like holy fucked. Do i missed a shit shallan. I i had tried to use a broom like i was in colorado as that type of snow this jersey. Snow jack when this shit sticks if bucket sticks so i cracked open a bag iraq song my wife came down she got the fucking snow blower out and i did the stairs of the patent fucking street as she started on the fucking driveway. At one point we made eye contact giggled like it was fucking tremendous. Amount door was in the window watching us. You know i told the but you snoop you fucking snow bhutan and come out and we just shout will then it was funny because you know my daughter was great. She was mcdonald. You can't throw rock salt here so we were thrown out the ship behind yet. Can't you don't do rock salt on the breakfast into the bracy. You got eight use other shit but it was just great. You shabalin a i. I'm bought myself and i was getting flashbacks so when i was a snow shower. Snowmass village eighty three joe. Coffee fucking great guy. He put an ad out for snow shower. It wasn't that bad job. As a fuck in as low attrition. i thought. I had a job as a dishwasher. Was a part-time burglar. Now position came up a snow shovel and he kept on. The sign was every day in violence and top. This guy joe what led twelve. He lived like concede twelve the building right next door to me. Try not as dawn. Joe coffee what's going on here. He does not looking for snow showers. You don't even know what the fuck me away. Pm knock on your door some avon. When do i start. And he goes well because it was open hours. You shovel slow. Whatever you want. You can shovel the snow as he's coming down or you could break the ice up at night and you know playing the pathways for people could snows all fucking day and the winter that i moved to colorado eighty three. It's no point five fucking days in a row. So i was kinda fucked so i let me take my. I got this mike. I let me take up told you this and give us up. Make a little money. I was going to come home..

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