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But having kaiser white there the ability to fill all those roles is great we will probably see more of tranquil Probably this week against the cowboys is try to throw the ball. More flood the feel more receivers I just think that in. I think on sunday they knew those the redskins try to run the ball and keep a close. They wanted to keep the boxful. The chargers played mostly nickel. I think they played something like eighty or eighty five percent nickel on sunday. We will probably see a lot more dime against the cowboys this coming sunday. Just because of the way they throw the ball around the field Yeah i think. I think we'll see more tranquil as things unfold and they and they plan week to week with game planning. This isn't gus bradley. Who is rolling out the same game plan every week. They're going to have a different game plan every week and they're gonna utilize a personnel based on that game plan so and i think that's how tranquil will factor in Yeah and that's what. I was kind of lewd toon. I mean kenneth murray while he played every single snap There wasn't a lot obviously collecting a lot of stats is fine and somebody's gotta make a tackle which is great but his role is replaceable. He's a box linebacker there in coverage you have to kind of hide him a little bit He's great near the line of scrimmage which is going to be his role but guys like a guy like kaiser. White is just irreplaceable. A drew tranquil can probably get some of that in the system but kaiser white is just the way they're using him as unreal and it's going to be hard to replace you ever does go down or anything. Definitely i think Another story line for the defense. And it's kind of twofold is it's the deep theory defensive line and linebacker play as it related to the running game which was really outside of the red zone struggles and the turnovers and the penalties was really the biggest negative from the game and it was the interior defensive line getting driven back five six yards deep into the backfield in the defensive backfield And giving antonio gibson room to run and and make positive plays in the running game. They just had a lot of trouble stopping the run on sunday and the obviously the player of the year. The cheery defensive line not being able to get a field and disrupt beginning driven back also has heavy impact on what guys like is your white. Andrew tranquil and kenneth murray will do and their roles. 'cause they can't come down hill because they're constantly dodging traffic so the two go hand in hand. But it's something they're going to need to fix because the cowboys are gonna see that gonna run the ball down their throats on tuesday so they're gonna have to figure out how to stop that running game and you say forced the cowboys to pass as well as dak is playing. It's scary but you gotta take the running game away. I with the cowboys. So we're gonna have to figure out what to stop that or they're going to have a hard time getting off the field so that that interior defensive line has to get much better. And i don't know where that's gonna come from right now but it has to get much better to help out the linebackers and allow them to make more place. Yeah yeah. I'm an interior. Defensive line is a little bit worrisome especially going against dallas this weekend and their running game so guy that. I also want to talk about was derwin. James guy talked a little bit about him but Going into this defense. I mean it's a surprise to no one that derwin james played everywhere on sunday. According to what. I charted you played seventeen snaps a free safety. He played eighteen lined up as a slot. Quarter to which who's lined up against the tight end. A ten is a linebacker in the box. And then you also rushed off the edge as an treasure once so there's a lot of talk about signing guy like john johnson who you know staley staley's former safety it with the rams but what was evident on sunday was that derwin james setup for that fluid role staley's defense and to be honest. Her wins better suit equipped to run with it. I mean i know allow charter. Fans wanted john. Johnson this off season. But if you've gotta derwin james who can do it and better. Why not just roll with what you got and so to me. I mean the way they're they're running derwin james everywhere on his defense his role is going to be more like. We saw in college than what we saw his rookie year. I mean they did move him around during his rookie year. But i just looks like stylish is gonna put them wherever he possibly can put him because derwin can do everything. He's versatile enough. He's got the foot speed. He's got the athleticism to do anything you ask them to do. And so derwin. James obviously as good as advertised. He's playing everywhere. He's a versatile piece in this defense. Going gonna kinda get into more depth about this defense a little bit. But i mean you can't say enough about how good derwin james was on sunday. Just i mean. He's going to be an unsung hero because he's going to be doing everything everywhere every sunday. Yeah i think that to me was it. Seemed like they really used him as eraser on third down quite a bit..

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