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Is Tom Laurie and this is the battery calling all Catholic business and nonprofit leaders the napa institute invites you to their tenth annual summer conference July twenty second through twenty six held at the beautiful Meritage hotel and spa in napa you'll hear and legal with amazing speakers including cardinal Zen from China fryer Robert Spitzer past president of Gonzaga university and co founder of the matches center of reason and faith bishop coffee of the military archdiocese Curtis Martin's father Ricardo Dr Tim gray and bishop Thomas Daly to name a few access to daily mass adoration confession onsite chapel grounds rejuvenating fellowship and spontaneous conversation with like minded Catholics take time to refresh your soul can have time to learn more now five dash institute dot org that's napa dash institute dot O. R. G. you must register in order to attend that's now five dash institute dot org are you concerned with the state of healthcare in America you're not alone millions struggle with making a decision with their health insurance what what if god provided another way away to touch the lives of other Christians by providing for their medical needs in a loving scriptural way join the hundreds of thousands of believers all across America who are sharing each other's medical needs like these friends I would never want to support any organization that is contrary to my face Samaritan ministries allows us to control our own destiny so to speak in regards to taking care of our family when we had our first meeting we start receiving notes and people are praying for you the amount of support that we got through that was incredible like that the body of Christ is all over and they're reaching out and they have no clue who we are but they genuinely care about it if you'd like to become part of a growing community of Christians who are sharing each other's medical needs each month visit us at Samaritan ministries dot org slash mentors that Samaritan ministries dot org slash mentors and now back to the mentors were remarkable CEOs challenge your thinking about life and business welcome back this is Tom Morris today we are joined by Eric road CEO and chairman of streamline publishing one of the U. S. is fastest.

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