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Not that leads the. Yeah, Sondra who came through. So these calls continuing on so nobody paid instruction. I guess they wanna get confirmation the team that they're ready to come in any way you can do that pulse on the pit will well, these teams are canny. You're only gonna get five liters in. 'cause you're, you're down a quarter. Go get five is and normally gadget would be the first to do that. But I catches around about an hour if it's fifty, five hundred, you know an hour and five, our ten by will take the ocean. Where is that? That's one of the wine coyotes little tricks. So when it runs sell, fight the time you get the same midnight. You'll find them run towards the ROY towards the front. I found if information about join Hama, he was false star. That was on t six h racist, which explain why is happy in the slipstream. Of the race. The the poor pie racing car on the team members said, we've been him in the car I made the team makes than they've ever gone before. Well, that's good news. So that might be a car to watch out for the maybe hasn't been at the front in previous years. By the way by quick don't have no us when the pool Robinsons and tete Tete Rouge. Rouge is one bay one in two thousand six and two five. So Tet route. Oh, and also two thousand nine with Sammy who was talking to earlier. So the boys will the tech team definitely now out of put a winning car together, so believe you may. I good. Don't. I think you'll find the mini as being told off and we can just see on the camera, yellow. It's just being told up. So the one seven one car is being rescued. So it shouldn't be too loan beyond the safety. You get five penalty. Think is five lamps for. Yeah, that's what you saying earlier five. Let one. So we're watching for the safety co. We can see the. The rescue crew being towing that call back in, but the safety calls lights is still owned. So think we're gonna have another lot behind the safety. Oh..

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