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This to make things more resilient and more robust and secure this is also evidenced as we learn more about data as we learn more about how we write to the environment we can positively impact the overall performance quite literally simply by learn by putting in the changes to the environment based on what we see and this has actually been evidenced in release over release of a ray firmware we bacon what we're learning about data science rate back into the code and nimble cs benefits here where we get ten fifteen twenty percent performance improvements simply by updating the firmware on the array because we've now learned how to write smarter right more efficient and do things more effectively i keep reflecting on the amount of time it took to get to that point the the value that's found in having having the history okay onto another question here now what say i've got different tiers of storage some of its pricey and fast of it is not does emphasize differentiate between those tears no so within the conversations today we talk a boat we talk about hybrid flash storage on the nimble platform we talk about hybrid sas and flash three par all of its data nas tick so there's certain things in you know in pieces that we need to abide by based on the storage tier itself but are a raise that we're talking about today are completely storage agnostic and quite frankly we separate the performance aspect from the disc itself you know it's pretty easy to see on the nimble platform specifically how we're talking about generating over a quarter million ops from twenty one seventy two hundred rpm spinning disks that we're doing something special that is not related to hardware itself and this is really where the values being driven the right what you're saying there is info site isn't isn't key to help me get my data positioned on the right speed of disk because the nature of the store platforms that it's working with that's.

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