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I see no in the case of a getting rid of them we are very aware at eu university of rhode island of the necessity for us each take proper measures to safeguard our intellectual property and uh to protect the research that we do that is of a sensitive nature on the campus we take these things very seriously and we have guidelines up on our website for faculty travel and that was for faculty work with a visiting scholars and and students uh from from they night china that all fat i don't have any particularly concerns nothing has arisen in the almost eleven years of we paddock confucianist institute on the uri campus that's given me cause for concern all right there you go miss no reason the indicate that there anything but on the up a yup but if they are trained intelligence collectors dr duly how would you know they're very clever why take the risk docked duly i mean they may be fooling you don't you don't know i i i don't think that's the case can we have them warm at university rhode island in a very limited arafat is eight teach chinese language evening tudor our students to work aching china they are under the close supervision of the fulltime and parttime uri faculty who run the chineselanguage program and uh w i'd instead we have seen no indications that they've ever strayed outside of their assigned duties and responsibilities uh for teaching chineselanguage in helping our students uh learn chinese to of very very high level of for fishing state all right nonetheless uri appears to be wary of the chinese government the travel guidelines specifically state avoid traveled to china avoid travel to russia if you work for uri do you know what the first recommendation is number one if possible avoid travelling to china or the russian federation if you must go leave all electronic devices in the us and then it's almost comical have your microphones disabled have your it's like on and on and on they're going to steal everything they can if you go to china and young you're not worried about chinese nationals doing the same thing on campus the you see kind of the irony that i see dr duly fire in there and i remember when it when i i ever i saw a laptop that are only use in china and as soon as i arrived back in the united date i never turn them on.

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