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Be have passed in pave the way who don't have the fame and fortune now but really did make us where we are today so those will be announced on the twenty six this well all right so that's a good background on how this whole thing works and in two weeks time we'll reconvene here on the show and Announced those three members. It'll be making up. And in addition those two legacy members as well so a five total. So let's go ahead and get after its we will name the nine now so In no particular order. Emily have added. Okay and the nine finalists for the twenty twenty one barbecue. Fame are william. Arnold or bill arnold. If you would all gates meathead goldwyn. Jon marcus ed mitchell rodney. Scott joe traeger darren worth and leeann weapon all right so a very accomplished list to say the least as we go through. Let me try and use my memory. If i can say bill arnold on the list of nine last year yes actually. Six of the nine were on the list last year so Pretty pretty fantastic list. I think if we could induct all nine we would but you can tell that there's a fight to get some. Some of these names are so worthy up the honor so we have bill arnold. it looks like meathead. He's making it onto this list now for the third year in a row so a deep portion of me hopes that he does not cross over so he can continue to be the susan. Lucci of the rodney scott was on last year. If i recall correctly darren was gone last year as well. E n i believe was on last year so six are returning now just to be clear. These aren't six holdovers from last year. If you didn't make it into the barbecue hall of fame everybody got tossed back into that big name hopper and then were almost every argued for again for now a second or third year row yet. That is exactly right. No one has no one gets to hold their spot For a year until the next we start fresh every year. The only thing that we do do each year is that we hold nominations for three years time. So if i were nominated this year Then my name would stay on the list to be argued about for three years. But for the finalist lists nope we start at zero in work our way to nine And i will say it is not an easy process it never is it is It's very wonderful arguments. But there are arguments on who and why and why this year in. What have they done will they do more. I mean every single year we get down to the nitty gritty with basically each person. How quickly are the majority of them. Forgetting let's say well let me ask you about a question. How many unique names were in that big hopper about okay so of the living index so because we split it now there is about sixty five living the list of legacy is close to about forty now so those lists have kind of offset each other in the last couple years But that's just unique. I think we were well over. One hundred and twenty nominations Just this year alone. So many of them may have ten nominations for the From a lot of different people is actually wonderful too. Because you get different feedback or bios or you know personal relationships as well as maybe what they found out from a distance so we learn a lot through that process to About all the people regardless of how many times they've nominated so of the sixty five that are living that had an opportunity to potentially get on this list that we're talking about today. I mean is it quick to say that eighty percent of them are quickly like. Oh here's this name and off you go. And then there's a ninety percent of the time that you guys are talking about names is spent on. Maybe ten less i would say We go through every name. That's the thing we start. We go now for order and we go through every name. We talk about every single name. Some have a longer conversation than others but is discussed regardless of How big their bio is or what someone knows So our process is we. Try to narrow that first initial thing down about halfway than do about halfway again in about halfway again and it just kinda keeps going. We might go through. Let's say these stop nine. They might have gotten discuss ten times before they made it onto the top nine to make sure that they're in that worthy category so it's not an easy process Because it's just tough. Because i think i speak for the entire nominating committee. If they could just say hey. Let's just induct fifty this year. That would surely help. Of course we're talking with emily. Park the manager over at the world series of barbecue and we have just named the nine final names. That have three of these will make it into the barbecue hall of fame this year. The twenty twenty one glass. If you're just tuning in the arnold obligates meathead from amazing ribs dot com jon. Marcus had mitchell rodney. Scott joe traeger darren worth and leeann whip and six of these nine were on last year and one was on even the year before that. And so here's what will happen. All these names will now be sent out to the living members of the barbecue hall of fame. Also the nominating committee will get out and in two weeks time we will rejoin and here who has bubbled up and or at least three of bubbled up to become the twenty twenty one barbecue fame and then will also add to legacy members as well have. I missed anything. Emily that you would like to add from a logistical standpoint. That you guys go through during this whole process. I know a lot of people wanna know how quickly my name was brought up and then more importantly how quickly it was dismissed again. Because i know people are nominating me but You know people want to know about that. So what can you leave us with here today. I can tell you. I've seen your nomination. We've definitely discussed you. Don't worry you are not kicked out. I you're the second one before. All absolutely not i mean Like i said there are a as as unfortunately there's unworthy names you know you're bringing you get to talk to a lot of these folks on your show. I've seen so many of the people who are on the nominating committee as well as holiday members. All of fame finalist on your show so You know how this group is. It's it's too hard to say To just narrow down to three I would leave you with this Are going to have this updated on our website today. We're also gonna go ahead and open the nomination form for twenty twenty two. So if you have someone that you're like i don't know if they're nominated. I'd like to make sure that they're on that list. Go ahead and nominate them. It doesn't hurt. We'll take multiple. We'll take two hundred nominations from the same person. Get them in there and start working on that for twenty twenty two Additionally it's going to be a big year once we get down to our three plus the two legacies Since we were unable to be together last year we'll be honoring the twenty twenty class.

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