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Asking the witness if it's actually what what he meant when he said roll tape but after you testified German shift run out and give a press conference and said he gets to impeach the President States because of your testimony? And if you pull up CNN in today right now. They're banner says silent ties. Trump to withholding aid is that your testimony today missed a Master silent that you have evidence and the Donald Trump tied the investigation. Because I don't think you're saying that I've said repeatedly congressman I was presuming. I also said that president trump so no not just the president. Giuliani didn't tell you mulvaney didn't tell you nobody pump peyot didn't tell you nobody else on this planet told you that Donald Trump was tying aid to these investigations. Is that correct. I think I already testified. Answer the question. Is it trek. no-one on this planet told you that Donald Trump was tying this aid to the investigations. Because if your answer's Yes than the chairman's wrong and the headline on CNN is wrong no one on this planet told you that president trump was tying aid to investigations. Yes or no. Yes so you really have no testimony today that ties president trump to a scheme to withhold aid from Ukraine in exchange for these investigations. Other than my own presumption which is nothing. I mean that's what I noticed it. So you know what hearsay evidence is ambassador here says when I testify what someone else told me what made up testimony is this made up testimonies. When I presume it I mean you're just assuming all of these things and then you're giving them the evidence that they're running out of doing press conferences and CNN's the headline is saying that you're saying the president should be impeached because he tied aid to investigations? And you don't know that correct. I never said the President United States should be impeached beached. Nope but you did. You have left people with the confusing impression that you were giving testimony that you did. Not You cannot impeach a president based on hearsay you. You can't impeach a president based on presumptions by the way I want to also play Jim Jordan takedown who just says wait a second. When did this alleged meeting happened and silane laughs? Because does none of the accusations actually played itself out play. Jim Jordan ambassador. When did it happen? When did what happened the announcement? When did presents Lindsey announced that the investigation is going to happen on page fourteen? You said this was there a quid pro quo. Today's your opening statement as I testified previously with with regard to acquire requested White House. Call White House meeting. The answer is yes that they needed to be public statement from presents. Alinsky when the chairman ask you about the security assistance dollars dollars you said there needed to be a public announcement from Dolinsky. So I'm asking you a simple question. When did that happen? Never did never did they got the call July twenty if if they got the meaning not in the White House but in New York on September twenty fifth. They got the money on September eleventh when the meeting happened in never did. You don't know who's was in the meeting which meeting referring to meet. That never happened. who was in it you know how people do the House Alinsky announced it? Did He tweet it to do a press statement. Did he do a press conference that happened. I mean you got all three of them wrong. They get the call they get the meeting. They get the money. It's not two plus two. It's over three. I've never seen anything like this. So let's just take a step back and kind of summarize. All this ambassador Sunland was trying to save is dairy air because he had incomplete testimony previously. But let's be very very specific. President trump had his lawyer Rudy. Giuliani trying to look out for his best interests during the Muller investigation while a million ton of bricks are being thrown thrown at president trump rudy. Giuliani was trying to root out. Who actually might have been behind this from its original intent? None of that actually gets discussed. But here's the thing. The aid was released leased to Ukraine. The meeting actually never happened in the Oval Office. The press release never actually happened. That was being put in question and most importantly and most no specifically exoneration happened today. Yes that's right. President trump was exonerated. Ambassador Sunlen testified the three most important words that the media will not cover. I want nothing. I want nothing play tape of the United States today addressing the media media. I'm going to go very quickly. Just a quick comment on what's going on in terms of testimony with Ambassador Sunland at I just notice notice one thing and I would say that means at all over. What do you want from you phrase? He asks flee screaming. Why do you want from Ukraine? I keep hearing all these different ideas and series business ambassador. soldering speaking to me just happened to television. What do you want from Ukraine? I gave very well these different ideas and theories. What are you what are you want? It was a very short and abrupt conversation that he had with the Bay said He. He was not in a good mood. I'm always a good mood. I don't know what that is. He's just said now he's talking. About what my response. So he's going what do you want. What do you WanNa hear all these years? What are you what right and now? Here's my response that he gave just K- ready. You have two cameras rolling. I want nothing. That's what I want from you great. That's what I said. I want nothing. You said it twice so he goes. He asked me the question. Why do you keep hearing all these things? What do you want he finally gets me? I don't know him very well. I have not spoken to him. That this is not a man I know well seems like a nice guy though but I don't know well. It was with other candidates actually supported other candidates not saving late but he's not respond now now. If you weren't fake news you've covered properly. I say your best response. I want nothing I want. Nothing I want no quid pro quo. Hells Dolinsky president. Ulysses thing so his by answer I want nothing. I want. Want nothing I want no quid. Pro Quo sells delicious to do. The right thing he says is the final word from the president of the United States. I want nothing. Thank you have a good time. That was the president saying what ambassador. Senator sunlen testified this should invalidate the entire impeachment hearing. Could you imagine if Richard Nixon if there were tapes of Richard Nixon saying. Don't cover it up. Stop covering it up. I want nothing. I want you to do nothing. I want you to do. Nothing could you imagine. If that sworn testimony existed or those tapes existed assisted. Richard Nixon would not have resigned the fact that president trump has ambassador Sunland who also had some not so good things to say about him saying that president trump was not in the best mood saying I want nothing. I should have a shirt that says I want nothing that should invalidate the entire impeachment testimony kill shot and if testimony mic drop homerun. Walk off homer game winning field goal and the game. Close the business. Whatever sort of INNUENDO YOU WANNA use? It's over New Year's Eve. I don't care whatever it's done. Phoenix finished over and the song. The impeachment should be done. I want nothing now. If sunlen testified that president trump said. I'm really upset with you. I told you I wanted this. I I told you I wanted that. Click president trump. I want nothing this is such a sham and it's a disgrace to our country but let me tell you why this is is happening but just hold on one second all right. We got a huge week. Sports ahead everybody and of course we're GONNA talk about football of course the NBA has some key matchups. You've got Boston at Clippers. Houston Denver San Antonio Philadelphia again. I'm a fan of basketball but I don't think November basketball is exactly as entertaining as this college football brought by our great friends at online dot. Ag So if you guys disagree with anything. I'm going to say do something about it. Be a person of action and go to bed online dot. Ag Use was that Promo Code podcast one so first and foremost and most importantly in college football because college football is a greater sport than NFL just as there is no argument. This is a rational thought. Brought to you on the Charlie Kirk Show Irrefutable Truth Organ Arizona State. I might go to that game. I'm not gonNA tell you if I will or not because there might be some not some good people that come up and try to find me but or going to Arizona. State the ducks of organ are going to win and they might be in the College Football Playoff Texas at Baylor. Baylor could have been in the college playoff. I like Texas to win this game. Texas has been the biggest disappointment of the season are member of the Charlie Kirk show is smiling and she's saying Gig him with that massive ring because that's all the people at 'em they wear these ridiculous rings but Howdy what they say at U. Penn State at Ohio state huge game like a massive game. Think College game days. They're probably Lee. Corso will probably pick the the BUCKEYES. I think Penn State is going to lose but the line. Last time I saw the line I bet online dot. Ag It's like an eighteen and a half point line or something ridiculous. I liked the line on that but I do like Ohio state to win. UCLA AT USC who cares nonsense garbage game SMU at Navy. Same thing so we got a lot of cultural matchups got a lot of energy around it then. I I like organ with Aaron Estate but I think it's going to be close. I think this game's going to be a lot closer than people. Think just in Herbert quarterback of Oregon's been playing pretty good but he's going to be tested. Arizona State is going to be up for this game. mm-hmm Edwards thinks the coach Arizona State. He's GonNa get his team up. This could be a program changing win here. If you know something organ football we do horribly when you go go on the road in Arizona. It's just dreams are crushed. Remember when Dennis Sticks in two thousand nine goes on the road tears. ACL On the road. Thursday night when they're number two in the country it destroys troy's the whole season. It's going to be going to be a game to watch anyway. NFL Matchup Carolina at New Orleans. I like New Orleans cowboys at the Patriots. Boy I never have seen somebody be so. Oh angry after a win. Tom Brady did not play well. He was just mad after that win against that. Seventeen ten win against Philadelphia but I do like the Patriots. Green Bay San Francisco. Jimmy Garoppolo is getting getting all this negative press despite only having one loss. Jimmy is great. Jimmy G. Green Bay's in first place in the NFC north. I think they have to losses. They're doing quite well. I like San Francisco to win seahawks at the Eagles. I like the seahawks Ravens at the rams. I like the Ravens Ravens. My dark horse to win the Super Bowl. If you disagree do something about it go to bed online dot. Ag Promo Code podcast. One again it's about online at ag for your fifty percents bonus. Use that Promo Code. podcast one go ducks. This is why this is happening. A New Marquette Law Wisconsin poll poll shows that trump now leads top Democrats in twenty twenty match ups. WHOA trump again spied up three trumpets sanders up three trump against warren up five trump against Buddha? The judge up nine poor little judge..

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