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Mark Robins, the Golden State Warriors went down south Friday to LA and closed out their series against the clippers won twenty nine one ten. Kevin durant? Scintillating with half a hundred. Claire. Possession. This topic's just he was in it and the warriors now move on they'll host Houston game. One of that second round series is Sunday afternoon. Josh Rosen was trade about AirAsia cardinals. During Friday's round two of the NFL draft. Rosena a first round selection a year ago said to Miami for a second round pick this year and a fifth round pick the twenty twenty draft while Denver, which the Whealy dealy jumping up to the forty seconds bottom. Second round to grab Missouri quarterback you locked final rounds of the NFL draft will be Saturday at noon, you can see it on ESPN, ESPN radio and ABC television. Big league baseball Friday night, the debut of Guerrero, junior for Toronto he goes one out of one for four with a ninety double Blue Jays walk-off opened the final four to two Cardi. Kyw boob goes boom is I basically hit is a Homer and Washington tied the game one of losing to the. Padres by the final four three Stanley Cup playoffs. Second round game. One hurricanes in overtime over the islanders. One nothing and San Jose opening up at home getting a five two win over Colorado. The Astros co head to head this weekend, many mate.

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