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Six six zero four to six at now your host alter great at least is to us he good morning and welcome to the paul karen garden club us this morning we are being joined by cancun garage ski from the failure lawn in garden company and he's gone to tell you about the japanese beatles there and all these though the beatles the getting ready to invade our gardens their property and there's we talked about earlier in the program they eat their weight in foliage every single day and then you've got through ones underground and the ones that are meeting in laying eggs so is quite a process in cannes is the person that can help us out good morning cam warning all your radio club look through this morning it's great to have you around and enjoy the information that you give us because of the formation due to tell us it's solve our problems that this time of the year of here in may we haven't seen of beadle yet but i'm sure it's going to be the day what what back this year can i wish i could send you a garbage kind of the one that i have here we have japanese beatles everywhere are now in north carolina in that way for at least a couple of weeks the interesting thing when you through the first one and you don't want any more right and i have to admit with your introduction police found salamina that that he threw away their moody there for a long time they're it all very during there's no question about it the the one thing that the people need to understand irs with regard to grub under lawn is the japanese beadle is one of the grub who because your lawn but through probably eight other species them up on grub who could also be lawn the new might not be adult when i was a kid and maybe you're to paul when you were a kid data late at night as long as you are mothers would stay there's always a porch loyd onerous always people being against that torchlight of most of the species in number most of the species of of people that that have grubbed group stages are kind.

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