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Rashawn frederick. He's gotta make presence felt resigned veggies has too many in the skill setback in order to do just about nothing. The last several games eighty four sixty one Cincinnati. That's the first time in six games that Sean Fredericks is scored. Gary and Jackson jump stop to the low goes to a little scoop shot and puts it in L to on the joystick. I mean, he hop step to the side and avoid at the total. Entire defense got ten points. His previous career high was six eighty four sixty three. Logan Johnson between the circles hunting right hand dribble. Foulland extended right Keith nine sees it down low for Frederick's. He lays it up just pushed himself to the defense. Keep Williams finding Fredericks easy layup. Eighty six points on the board for Cincinnati. Eighty six sixty three is the score Joyner with a shake and bake dribble into the corner for current Scott the Charlotte transferred driving toward the whole. He's under the bucket. Lobs it outside the three point line. Darren Jackson, Mississippi three Frederick says the rebound gun to the link to the floor Diarra with the catch. It gets knocked out of bounds by dairy Jackson. Mamadu run in the floor like the deer that he is that boggles up for the blackout. What that ball was secured. He ran. He's the first guy down to floor. Hey, Ronda, applause for Justin Jennifer is he comes out of the game with one fourteen to go having tied his career high with eighteen points. Dished out four assists. He has had a great game. And he'd really carried this team for stretches. You talk about the second half, really blowing. It open Tulsa calls at thirty second time out perhaps to get some walk don's in something of that nature. One fourteen left eighty six sixty three Cincinnati. It changed it to a fulltime out. So. Just to see what just Jennifer did what is three point shooting. I really liked the fact that we talked about this and bearcat inside of the other day where when he throws the ball. He becomes the two guards pass the ball to combat. He gets out of the way in Cumberland draws so much attention. Everybody is watching him. And he has the ability that nowhere his players are shooters LeBron James as Saint feature where if our penetrate, I know if I is our calls where my shooters are. And he's been finding him and he's been rewarding and by knocking down shops. All right, one third tale Bank, one fourteen to go if you are Sam Martin, John coz, you try to get as close as you can to coach grown in the huddle. So he notices you at Buffum make him yell at me curse at me. And then I'll have my jersey off my warm up off ready to go in. I mean, these guys are they don't even have their warm-ups off. You got to force the issue. You gotta turn to the student section wave your hands start. Talking. My name a little bit. One fourteen remaining eighty six hundred sixty three in favor of the Bearcats. Cincinnati about to be tells for the sixth consecutive time. At the coaches sodium today, Dan, one of the ladies was asking about the criteria by plane walk on. And this is exactly what goes on and said, he doesn't. The not walks Bearcats lobbied into the middle of the lane. Nice catch by. He missed the shot. But Logan Johnson sores grabs the rebounded sticks. It back in. No look overhead hook shot only offense rebound white minutes ago. Eighty eight sixty three Cincinnati Gary Jackson dribbles behind the back feeds it to a cutting current Scott, we'll bring it back outside the three point line. Trevor more defense now to forty nine seconds to go Jackson passing to a cutting Hewitt shot was blocked by Frederick's. But a foul is called on Sean and here, come the bear catwalk. God's Sam Martin and John codes. Fans have been waiting on this. If I'm coming in. I'm not trying to slow it down and hold the ball in half court. I'm coming down give me a quick pick. And I'm shooting this right now matter of fact, coz you and I gonna play to man game everybody else. Get out of the way Hewitt's foul shot is no good. That was his first attempt of the season. Nice round of applause for Sam Bartman, John cows, they replace Keith Williams and Trevor more. Let's see if it's like several years ago on senior night when they ran a play. Co-pay I play of the game. How good for Peter Hewitt. They rented for time and scored a nice bus basket against Houston. Awesome. Eighty eight sixty four Cincinnati Logan Johnson. Dribbling into the front court feeds it to the low block and Mali Diarra Diarra turns to faces defender. Now dribbles into the lane. Pump fakes goes up had the ball knocked out of bounds. By Tulsa, twenty nine point six left in the game fourteen seconds on the shot clock. Now, mama duty are being reminded. Hey, the walk in. He's like. These the plan time to shoot it pros triples outside the three point line, ten seconds left to shoot hands. It off for Logan Johnson. Six left issue Johnson. Passing four Sam Mark. He's gonna have to launch one eight blocks. That's a thirty second violates so rookie mistakes. Logan johnson. Gotta realize he's trying to run a pick and roll with mama do, but that's not who you run a pick and roll for you wanna pick and step back for the walk on eight hundred sixty four that's tells the brings it up for a possible. Final shot. Ten seconds to go Elisha Joyner outside the arc her and Scott for three shot is no good. John Cho's puts a rebound on the scoresheet. And the buzzer sounds the Bearcats beating up on television tonight, eighty eight to sixty four from the beginning, Dan. This was the one of the best gains Bearcats a play very sound throughout. I mean you connect on fourteen of twenty nine three point shots, very efficient. Cincinnati shooting. Forty eight percent overall. Make that forty nine percent overall. Forty eight percent from outside the arc and the Bearcats. Pete tells by twenty four again, the final score eighty eight sixty four in favor of Cincinnati. Stay tuned for the post game show coming up from the CBS broadcast table..

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