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Up ten blocks there he ran well. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on hold while. I was at Kim blocks place just day before yesterday. Yeah. Yeah. Ken was there in Iran? Very well. When one of the focuses that he and Steve Arpan half. So he must have made a quick trip from Texas back to what was it, Colorado. No uta. Well, anyway, the hooligan the hooligan shop in Utah in Salt Lake City Cananea Park City. Awesome beautiful shop, I mean to tell you what. And I got a couple of pictures in there. And I was wondering why it was kind of you know, vacant there weren't too many cars in there. And the reason why they must've been must've been trailing in bag, but I'll tell you can is a big star. He's got a reputation as being kind of gruff. But man, I've seen him several times stand there and sign autographs for hours and hours. They did the same thing in Texas. So, you know, he's a genuine star even though Scott speed is running for Milan. He's a big star to a lot of guys from Europe for big stars. But Ken block the guy with the longest line for autographs to him for for driving. Got a two car Ford. Focus team that Ford is not really ready to backup. Lately, they're giving them some help out the back door with parts, and and technology, and that sort of thing, but not really sure what's going to happen. Next year. They're trying to put a schedule of five or six races together. One of them up in your area in Seattle. Somewhere up there around the Dirk fish rally cross school, which would be great and probably starting the season again in Montreal during the winter because they've got a place in Troy there that is covered and they're going to bring in some ice and race rally cross in when it's freezing outside inside. It'll be a little bit warmer, but the relic rush guys may be racing on ice. And that's enough of reason for me to go to Canada in the middle of winter. If they do that that's going to be a great great way to kick off the season. Nice. Well, I, you know, rally crosses fun. I think with the the the waning audience of NASCAR and open wheel racing. Maybe, you know, the younger audience kind of leaning into this little more because they they can all see themselves possibly being a driver of that ilk. Someday in it's not as intense, and they're using the reason recognizable cars like the the the Subaru WRX like the focus, you know, cars that that people younger demographic can. Can recognize and actually buy and the last time we were circuit Americans. I got a ride with Travis Pastrana who was racing with Subaru. So let's a guy who you know. He's he's one of my absolute favorite people. He had just done that evil knievel jump show. And you know, he he's still just as as modest and humble and as much fun to be around it. He was when he was a kid. So I really I'm really hoping rela crisis gonna can make a comeback in US because it is a lot of fun to watch. And I agree with you on that. This question any news anything going on in the NASCAR? After France got that DUI is there any been any fallout from that. I just haven't talked to you about that. A while is a he pled not guilty. We haven't heard anything else from him. And they promoted a guy named Steve Phelps to where he's now president of NASCAR. Which probably helps us a good guy might have been much choice. But I think we've seen the last of Brian France, you know, he doesn't own any of NASCAR he really had been pretty hands. The last year or so I don't think he's gotta be hurting for money. So I don't think he's gonna make a comeback at the level. We've seen before it's a shame for NASCAR. Because.

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