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Course a great win by nerlens. Noel ends up getting her as on his ankle were negative. But you don't know could be one of those sprains that keeps them out for a couple of games. I mean he used one of and we understand how important rj barrett is. Julius randle about nerlens. Noel stepping in and getting a minutes and doing what he's done in the absence of mitchell robinson has been key and he's one of the most indispensable players on the team right now so you hope that this isn't something serious happened to see the extra x rays were negative. But you have to keep an eye on that as he gets evaluated today. I never thought i'd be saying this at this point in the season at the knicks can't lose new orleans well but they can't but it's also i got out burks as your. It's like the same thing it's all right. Who are these guys when the season starts okay. They're all a bunch of also rans. Just got to fill out a roster. Get this guy for this amount of money. Bring this guy in. He could play all defense and next thing you know. These guys have had significant roles in the success for tom. Debit ow so. I don't know what it's you just gotta hope that this kid is going to be healthy and this is like the worst time to get injured like know what happened to rangers. I all of a sudden matt runs into trueba. And season's over you could point back to that you really go to the next thing you know. You got bread. How could a broken foot and then kreider is out for to gain. And that's the end of it games of the year and then next you know overweight. It's over the. I don't want to guess that negative with the knicks. Right now. the last thing you need right now here. The final ten season man. This is where you make your money. This is where you're going to finish in your standings and you one of these injuries nagging injuries i. Let's get a couple of calls in here. Tom is in has. What's up tom. Hi guys louis. Ross is so bad i mean. Let's say for argument's sake d has didn't have a stiff back and he was lights out last night he'd pitched the night before you got bullpen. Inst- coming up tonight. What is he doing putting them in the lead. You could've just went to familiar somebody else and got through it now. You probably don't have to ask for a few days. I mean this abysmal. Yeah i don't understand at all. It was a curious decision when he came in before i knew about the stiff back then after the stiff back. What type of sense does that make when you knew that was the case before you bought them. In last night he threw twenty eight pitches and that was not easy. Did not have an easy time. You know he's been good. Let's let's give you know. He's he said what this is his second kind of questionable outing so we're talking about one month the baseball you don't look at it him to our. This chapman is on one of the great runs of his career. Right so i. I don't know i mean he's he's edwin days is going to do a hell of a lot more than he's done to wash away. The thought that he's going to blow the game in my mind every time i see him. I still feel that way. I don't know if we'll ever not feel that way. He's he's been in eleven games. So i you know there's been a lot more good than there has been bad and i know that we're all stuck in like two years ago. We're all stuck into two thousand and nineteen. That may have been one of the worst closing performances in history of the league. And we say in the history of the mets..

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