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In that spot i think that clinched it for aj that he was going to move forward now gangs here we go game seven vegas likes the stroh's for what that's worth we saw charlie morton struggle in his game three start we saw cc sabathia who will go to night for the yankees pitch very well buster or are you leaning makes a particular way i'm going into this who do you feel might have the best shot of getting into that world series by dari on paper there's no question the yankees have the pitching advantage uh as you mentioned a bath he's been throwing well and behind him they are relatively lined up with their bullpen tommy canley control couple innings been terrific in the post season he's going to pitch tonight i will oldest chapman gave him a couple of innings he's going to pitch tonight david robertson they'll be able to pitch tonight night charlie more is getting the ball to start the game i will tell you that he's pitching will any other day with a strange that i've seen because he actually through the ball really well he was unlucky than a couple of spots i praise your as he liked the joke it had bought out threerun homer ended a into the short keeping them in right field in yankee stadium and more tomorrow night but you're better than what is line was but he's not gonna be out there for long could dallas kyko was lined up and ready to go behind the m uh clobbered lead brad peacock will be used by aging inch at some point and just early under one asked question according pitcher relief in tonight's game he said i don't know he said that he's going to go to the ballpark today he's gonna get an honest assessment how is armfield how was body feels and he's going to kill aging hands whether or not he is available it would not shocked me if they the lead in the ninth inning if he he just berlin a company that bullpen and boy would that be a.

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