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In israel and it makes a lasting impact one hundred percent jared and ran the reason why we ended up blowing up our entire team. Or if they're listening to this jaren we appreciate you. We literally three months ago as i was telling you before we started We are literally starting from scratch. Because we didn't have the right culture in. But i thought i did. We had we had core values we had an orientation video which i thought was amazing right because myself but like we still had people from the old regime and there were still with us that you know how much they paid. What am i pay right. Which is okay. But now we're moving more into an impact removing more to customer service move more to testimonials and they hired a recruiter hired recruited. That's ridiculous we don't have. We don't have enough money to pay. For all these people are going to recruit scarcity right not realizing that. Oh my god. This is an absolute funnel that has to happen in a real estate business because we were just a revolving door in and out with special. Because we didn't have that culture yes so restarting from scratch jaren with with recruiter With a new set of core values a new orientation and a new whole new on boarding and training schedule. So we're hoping that that works here. I was gonna work. It is going to work so all right so move for. I mean when did you because you've got all these. I'm looking at here on unleash. Homebuyers premier properties property management right. The things going on. When did all this Roll out roll out yet. So property management came right because of all the two thousand ten stuff with sec in me needing to have control issues and take charge. We need to take charge. So we had some rental holdings in pennsylvania. I couldn't by rentals because i was financial until twenty fifteen So i knew. I knew to build wealth. I had to buy rental. So i would do like four rehabs or fixing flips and the boston area and i would take some of that money and go buy rental pennsylvania where you could be all in on a single family house Fixed up for twenty five thousand dollars for six hundred dollars a month. Wow that's really suit with my first three out there thought it was five hundred thirty seven dollars and forty eight cents tax certificate. Thank you john. Tax lien system the infomercial but anyway that was where so i started managing out there for our portfolio and we slowly brought that to third parties messy hampshire but everything else. Short sale was also based on time. I got my broker's license right like two thousand. Ten two thousand eleven people needed us viable sorts negotiator. You and i have that in common right like we tried. Using an attorney's we try using other third parties and two big issues right lack of communication lack of fall through like the tubing's issues and we couldn't get around that they had no problems charging us every time i called. Yeah indeed right so then any other resets on the way or is there anything but smooth sailing after we covered. There's always more we like. There's there's quick ones right like the the one any relievers. Have this happen. The one we have that goes wrong. 'cause you went outside your rules that wipes out somehow wipes out twenty positive deals. You made the exception will make this one work. Yes yes the sex. Oh wow it's nine acres on a beach. I've always wanted to do a luxury beachfront mansion. Yeah let's do this and then you you lose everything. How did you did you. Did that. Deal in dallas right. It was two hundred of your own money in two hundred fifty investors. Yeah how that worked out with those other. Investors did you work anything out with them or worse rights. That was the worst one was number two or not family family. Take myself yeah. One of them was great. It's listen i knew the risks this one of them. I'm like you're better than me. Like what does it take for me to get there right. And but either way. I took into myself and i knew i had to make it right So over time. I put them on a monthly bad debt schedule right and started just allocating some funds and then once in a while. I do a pay up to them until they were made in full for that. So everyone's made whole everyone's been made hall except for me still working on it. Well just kidding doing okay. Unfortunately the way you borrow money is we're last paid back. That's it but i think that you know it's easy to say you knew the risk right too bad It's easy to say but as a matter of integrity matter being financeable again. If you don't pay people back like has a way of coming back. So i applaud you for for for paying them all back. Alright thank you. I should've been banker. Someone ever all the attorney said i should have been bankruptcy. The first time in two thousand five when had that four hundred and eighty thousand dollars in debt. He's i would've wiped it clean. I didn't do that. It was a. I finally ended up paying off in two thousand and eleven after those monthly debt. Schedules right you just have to kind of put it in clear. Better man than i. I would have paid the back pay. I would pay people back. Alpay every human being when i pay back a corporate entity bailed out by the united states government. That's true we pay for that anyway. Yeah came taxes anyway so sambi has wants to know what advice do you have for someone with analysis and here on the. Are you a maverick or close to it. What are you your high in your hobby. High in high be discontinued myers briggs. I don't know that one so much so you high idea. Hi yes i would say that. Yes you did. I suffer from analysis. Paralysis that's correct okay. But you're a coach. They emma coach. So what do you tell. People love it. The have analysis on my gosh. I love this question so as an analysis paralysis people. I'm assuming if you don't already you should have an excel sheet or by box set of criteria that you work with. If you don't have that you're looking at every single dealer comes in your house. Be like that looks like a one but i i don't know should we are. I don't know let's run the numbers eight times. You have to have a rule so if depending on who. I don't know what sam doing. He's doing fixing flip if you're doing multifamily right like if it makes x. amount in certain amount of time frame i'm going to say yes i'm gonna execute pull the trigger in my whole tagline right. You know steve. Shameless plug steve's on episode forty three of the shut up and do it real estate podcast right like we are whole tagline in the office. It's on all the walls is what i had to do. When i came back from the two thousand five issue i had to take my whole tangent again but this is important so pull the phone out of my drawer which to me. I still remember it like trauma. Like i remember pulling the phone backout months later after all the question calls i turned it on after was charged. I remembered expecting the ring like expecting the same vibration ring. Have the question calls came in and it didn't happen. So that's when i had i started treating my my phone instead of as an enemy became my toolkit needed it for wholesaling right ahead start using it again And in order to not lose money. I needed to have my own set of rules and so it became right if i if it the markets all shifted right. If i'm gonna make twelve percent. Or if i'm going to make twenty percent on my money on this rehab. We make the offer period doesn't matter aspirin. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter if it was on. The market is with the seller. We're doing twelve fifteen twenty percent depending on the market right like if you have a set by box if you have said execution button or a trigger. That's what you need to fight. Analysis paralysis makes hundred dollars a door. Put the offering fifty door. Put the offering or you put the offering to make it to two hundred adore right like many offers and shutting up and doing it shutting up and taking my phone out shutting up saying i have to make calls today. But i'm not gonna make my calls yet because i have to. I'm going to get my lucky pencil. Put it right here next to my notepad and i'm gonna take my other script to either the script out. Oh no i have the probate scripted at the fire damage. Scrim i get to bring the script out. And i remember. I can't say that this time. Because last time i said that i got screamed at at won't see this one. Shut up and do it. Yeah just shut up and make the call and that it's become all over now. It's it's how we fight our analysis process. It's better don't let perfect in the way of better reich or done.

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