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From the Gulf Coast Air Systems Weather Center. Other than a stray shower south of I four. We should be mostly drive for our Halloween day. High temperatures near 85 will see a mixture of sun and clouds. And the humidity levels slowly rising as we go into the evening and especially into the overnight hours, it'll be pretty mild to start Sunday morning temperatures only near 70 degrees, and we'll be even warmer Sunday afternoon highs near 86 a 10% chance for a few scattered showers. In the afternoon, however, a cold front comes through and that'll cool us off for the beginning of the workweek. I'm Max, if underrate meteorologist Amanda Holly This report is sponsored by unbound dot or GE. Right now, there are young people across the world facing a tough choice, continue their dream of education or drop out to help their family put food on the table. You could help change their future in.

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