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In fact, now there's a lawsuit will tell you about it after we check in with the traffic center, but first lots of new developments. As the ballot count continues, We have team coverage, and it starts right now. Arizona votes but count if you're just waking up, President Donald Trump continues to cut into Democrat Joe Biden's lead in Arizona. According to our secretary of state, Katya is Jim Crosses live in Phoenix. Yeah, Jamie this time yesterday morning, Biden had an advantage of about 69,000 votes this morning. That's just over 47,000 approximately 263,000 Bella's loved account. Katya are political expert Mike O'Neal expects the president to keep cutting into Biden's lead. We may be one of the closest states in the union the way this is headed. Arizona will have two Democratic U. S. Senators. For the first time since 1953 Jr news joining The Associated Press in the New York Times and officially calling the race for former astronaut Mark Kelly, nearly 52% of the vote. Over incumbent Republican Martha McSally 48% live at via next term. Cross Republican Congressman David Schweikert lead over Democratic challenger hero Tipper Ninian District six continues to grow, he's now up by more than 11,000 votes. Republican Maricopa County Attorney Alistair Adele has also seen her lead increase by more than 16,000 votes over Democratic challenger Julie Gonna goal. Adele does remain hospitalized after undergoing emergency surgery for bleeding in the brain. On election night. Arizona's wealthy will be tax to fund schools prop to await passes With 52% of the votes Invest in Ed expects to raise nearly a billion dollars a year for K through 12. Joe Thomas is the president of the Arizona Education Association, he tells Katie are we're hoping to see some of those funds roll into our schools for the 21 22 school year and then we'll get a full implementation in the next year. Arizona. So make more than $250,000 a year, or couples whose income is higher than half a million dollars will see a 3.5% income tax surcharge beginning in January. Martha Mauer, Katie Arnie is the national ballot count continues as America await news of who will be in the White House next year. Your voice, your boat and the battleground counties Biden takes and ever so slight 970 vote lead in the Georgia presidential count. About 10,000 votes left, not including possible military overseas provisional or cured absentee ballots. Joe Biden, also leading in Arizona, President Trump leading in North Carolina, by over 76,000 votes by inching up in Pennsylvania. But Trump still leading thereby over 18,000 votes. President Trump making unfounded allegations of voter fraud if you count the legal votes Easily When if you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us from Republicans defending the president, others saying, Let's see the evidence. Former Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, a Republican was reprehensible and it not only was graceless, you know, sore loser are anticipating being a loser. It is dangerous to our election integrity with continuing coverage..

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