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That's all i think i can do it. I'm going to call brand admissions today. You said the internet problems taking on areas. Mr wallace davis. Did you see the other one. We all started team mr wallace. Okay there we go. Hi welcome back. Thank you know what would be a pf radio show or any of these rated about fail I am currently broadcasting to you on my cell phone doing this on a cell phone now. Because i my internet abruptly crash that an issue on my end. It's something with cox So this is going to make things interesting to say the least now because they. I'm sorry you could just try tethering off your phone. I can do that but it's gonna take a couple of minutes. I'm back I apologized for those. That are watching it. Just unbelievable that this would happen right now. i want to look in. There is no internet and cox. Las vegas obviously socks. Anyone that has cox can understand what i'm saying But let me do that. So should i stay on for the horse racing and can you guys handle that. And i'll i'll come back about two three minutes or do you guys like to do. Well do we have to do. The action are people to call-in so either way i would say i would say stay on your phone. You're injured out by pop back a few and then you bring that up and then just switch okay can do right. Sorry it is six forty nine. There is somebody in the waiting room. I think you said they could come in six fifty. Okay yellow ashwin. Let him in. God go ahead and let them ensure caller. You're on a radio. Oh brandon They're getting on audio. Seth wayne for the microsoft to appear. You probably can't see it on the set on your cell solid you know let you know another okay. Now okay okay. So player went to three. You can unusually light.

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