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And produces the show a dueling political or at dueling political conventions the same weekend minnesota republicans ntfs gathered to endorse candidates for what promises to be the most significant election cycle in the state in decades the main order of business friday night was endorsing candidates in two senate races both a special election to fill the seat left open by al franken and the seat that dfl senator amy klobuchar seeking for a third term both conventions are still going and delegates had yet to officially confirmed their endorsements for the special senate election but how isley a state senator for the stillwater area and smith a former lieutenant governor and dfl operative were favored to win party backing in her speech it out delegates house leaked signaled in aggressive campaign style with slashing attack against smith she blasted her for obstructing initiatives sought by trump for her service in the administration of dfl governor mark dayton and for her views on immigration she puts the wellbeing of illegal immigrants above the american people housley said in her speech smith who faces a dfl primary opponent this august in former bush white house lawyer and cable news regular richard painter did not mention housley and her speech instead she trained her criticism on trump as she vowed to take on drug companies that are overcharging people increase mental health services in schools protect immigrants fight for net neutrality and remove dark money from elections the what's the through line between the remarks offered by housley and the remarks offered by smith now we had karin housley on the program here earlier this week and my exposure to her has been overwhelmingly positive i like her i i was impressed by her candor and humility.

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