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The lowest years for officer fatalities in the last decade and the rising number of law enforcement officer deaths in twenty eighteen is disappointing news after a decline in two thousand seventeen said the the national law enforcement officers memorial fund CEO, Craig Floyd. So that ties in with the big story today, which is the the police officer that was shot and killed out in California. By an illegal alien who had no business being here. He he's got gang affiliations were connections. He had already been he had multiple DU is at least two or to prior DUI's. And he was at large earlier today was weird because they put pictures of the suspect out on CNN MSNBC, Fox News, but they wouldn't release his name, which led all sorts of speculation on social media. What are they hiding? And they were they were claiming at the time that in Mexico, and I don't know this to be a fact, I'm just repeating what I what I saw on cable TV a lot of times people will have both last names will have their mother's last name in their father's last name, and they'll use them as various aliases, and they wanted to make sure they were identifying the right guy. They put his picture out. But they weren't a hundred percent sure they had the right name to go along with it until he was arrested earlier today so says the legal immigrant fugitive wanted in the murder of the California. Police officer is in custody after being on the run for more than two days. Police arrested the man identified by the county sheriff as Gustavo Perera's Ariaca. Near Bakersfield about two hundred and eighty miles southeast of Newman where the police corporal seeing was gunned down early Wednesday. The rest was also confirmed by the Fresno county sheriff's office and the Kern county sheriff's office the sheriff's department had been handling the case told reporters at a news conference that Ariaca is from Mexico and was in the US illegally after previously crossing the Zona border wasn't clear when that occurred. However, Chris said the suspect had been in the country for a number of years and was seeking to cross back over the border before the shooting occurred. He had known gang affiliations repeat that again, he had known gang affiliations as well. As to prior d you is he was stopped by searching for a DUI investigation before engaging in gunfight with the officer during we're seeing tried to defend himself Christmas said and a separate news conference on Thursday and the announcement of Akim nearly day after the. Newman police chief Randy Richardson made an emotional plea for the suspect to turn himself in. This is the guy I was telling you about the he was he was crying TVs and a coward took his life a coward took his life. We need closure. His family needs closure. It goes on to say the suspect native connections to a violent Mexican American street gang. According to an image circulating on social media confirmed as authentic by investigators earlier on Friday, and they put a picture up there. The I put a link to this article up on Twitter Twitter dot com slash p c eleven seventy. They've got him in a wife beater tank top. He's got his chain around his neck, and he's he's got a tat that connects him with a particular. Southern Californian slash Mexican gang. That's been blamed for murders and human smuggling crimes across the US Mexican border. So the good news. He's in custody. He should have never been here in the first place. Yeah. No business being here. And this this story is. Perfect for Trump to.

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