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Casse fat lifestyle magazine. She also was at the Toronto international film festival last week. As was I did you get a chance to see Robert what will be Robert Redford's final movie. I did man on the gun. Did you like did? I really enjoyed it to to to fade that a Bank heist Bank robber, kind of film is charming, and sweet doesn't usually happen. And and he insists his SpaceX definitely pull that off. I'm really enjoyed isn't it? A little like watching a master class in acting seeing those two together truly adorable together. But you watch these two and go, wow masters. They're so good. They really are. It was a it was a magical kind of way for him to ride off into the sunset if you will. And I think it goes back to what Robert Redford always says is this a good story told while, and this is a wonderful story told beautifully and Toronto they showed this Neil Armstrong movie that everybody's talking about the first man, they showed Nicole Kidman's brand new movie. What about the front runner DC the front the front runner? Jason Reitman's new film. Gary Hart scandal right with Hugh Jackman. Right. And I really enjoyed that. I thought it was an interesting take on politics and really enjoyed watching that great performances Jackman really does a great job as heart and we're taking back in time to the nineteen eighties and get a little bit. I think deeper insight as to what actually happened and get us. A little more information about Lee heart, and what she was dealing with. And why she dealt with at the way that she did many of these films will be featured at the Chicago international film festival which is mid to late October. We'll be talking much more about these as well Pamela on her segments as well. Thank you very much for coming in. Thanks for having me. Always a pleasure to talk movies with you and get your perspective on it. All that's gonna wind it up for us today. We will see you tomorrow morning on Steve Cochran show and also tomorrow and Monday through Friday on the WGN TV morning. News this week Tuesday morning with Bradley Cooper, who's in Chicago tomorrow. We'll talk with them and hopefully ever great conversation. That's all coming up. White Sox pre-game is next on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN Chicago, huge savings.

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