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Snacks with juicy centers their shape like hexagons are made by General Mills one of my favorites gosh here's why nice one with food stuff I keep it young added to the great Morgan number two one okay from the still Morgan ever to have your question ready there's unfairness is game because any your living during her stuff some of your some shooting live as soon before she was born yeah but that's okay that's the way the game and that's the way the game his memory goes away Hey Morgan over to this is a quote from what movie showing so yeah I'll do it again sure is a quote from what movie from movie is it a funny movie I'm not giving you showing I don't know what I'm gonna do back to the future Eddie you can still showing I believe it is a stiff weird American pie yeah American pie would swing Wayne's world mark because when showing the styling of that stinks Eddie yes my good hurts a little Hey Morgan over to okay these guys are the best selling music duo in history Daryl and John of their first names what are their last names now this is bad I thought I should say Dan J. one enjoys a lot was the car to to to what comes out of this Morgan number two Hey trapper keeper was a kind of what a trapper keeper you've heard of that no wow one of us the room when I feel like I don't know a trapper keeper is a kind of what trapper keeper I don't even know the category yeah a bug catcher and this is crazy I know any for the win it's a school binder it's a binder yeah music all the folders and I don't think I've ever heard it was a Chinese yeah Felker on a cool designs yeah look forward to getting that trapper keeper yeah I did I did I did I got like a a driver yeah thing about Randy this brand name I have it and he gradually there are one or is twenty one Morgan images that you know.

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