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To making sure that we address those issues when it comes to actors like ever source we're certainly going to make sure that we're holding them accountable as we can Chris samba WBZ Boston's newsradio all more bad news for Boeing the company discovers yet another problem with at seven thirty seven it's another software issue involving a warning light that alerts pilots about a system that makes the plane point up or down by moving part of the tail Boeing says system activates sometimes what it's not supposed to the company says it's fixing it doesn't believe it'll push back the planes return to service around mid year the FAA says it still looking at the software issues in human factors before giving the okay for that to happen Peter king CBS news Sunday night Hollywood's big night to shine the ninety second academy award that guy Joaquin Phoenix is hoping for a big night for joker and for the nominees there's a lot on the line and for the winners a big money boost could be in the cards the second the Oscar changes hand talk about a return on your investment consider the price of an awesome issue at is twenty four karat gold plated its value is at four hundred dollars but well above analysts' Joe Gonzalez says it could mean a big pay raise for recipients should be around a twenty percent boost and I pay for a Best Actor or Best Actress winner on their next found but like any investment you can lose money on any academy award association says that no one can sell it but they will buy it back from you for one dollar Terry Alden or ABC news is eight oh eight and we are just a few minutes away from the biggest economic report of the month the January jobs numbers out at eight thirty so far Wall Street looks like it's heading south maybe this will turn things around we check in with Bloomberg business here's Tom Busby good morning Tom a good morning Jeff well economists expect to see a solid number one hundred sixty five thousand new jobs created last month and the unemployment rate expected to hold steady at a fifty year low three point five percent of course anything can happen in on Wall Street which has had a bolo out week record after record Dow futures though down a hundred ten points right now that's being attributed to stubborn worries about that corona virus and good news if you're looking to buy a.

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