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G email dot com all right joining me. Now is a first class father. He is a new york times bestselling author. He is a former army ranger combat veteran a purple heart recipient and a true american. Hero is a big honor for me to say sean parnell. Welcome back to first-class fatherhood. Hey it's great to it'd be back second year in a row man yeah. I repeat father to join me on the podcast. You and it's quite an honor. It is quite an honor man. I have watched as you over the years like you know bost your bust your butt to make this podcast where it is and and it it really is the only game in town i feel like in terms of <hes> elevating and elevating the father all the father in the family and so you've just done an amazing drowsiness and honored repack i love being with you and i love seeing what you're doing and love watching you grow yeah thank you for that. I'm trying to get after it here and keep pushing the envelope <hes> trying to change the narrative on family life. How old are the kids now. What grades they head into two okay so eaten. My oldest is going into fifth grade and he's ten. <hes> emma is my middle. She's going into third grade and she's eight in evan. My youngest six going into first grade. Their first day of school is monday and <hes> you know how that is like lead up the scores just just chaotic and crazy and haircuts. It's and they make you gotta make sure their uniforms or sized right. It's it's chaos but it's fun. It's fun to see him. Grow and and you know it's like you know what's so crazy. <hes> you know so a crazy man. It's like i i take a picture of them with me. <hes> before every school year and you know every weekend before they start school i go back and look at those pictures and i'm just like it's amazing how fast they grow from one year to the next you hear all the time. <hes> people say oh my grandma man. Oh just you know you guys are going up so fast and it's you know it's sort of cliche but i know why she says it now because it's true. It's like just looking back even just a year. It's amazing how fast grow you know yeah yeah. That's one of the things just about being a dad and you're just a parent in general just understanding now like oh. Now i get where my mom was coming from. Where my dad was coming from. You can start to get it a little more. It makes a little bit more sense. The picture becomes more clear yet so true and i look back and i was i was i was a real pain. Hey you know i was talking to my dad. My mom and my parents tell me when i was in my early twenties like as a young army lieutenant. It's like eventually. You're going to have your own kids. Some day and you know hey karma thing you know. One of those cans is gonna be just like you is gonna hassle. You just like you and boys. That's true my my oldest is <hes> he's he's all my kids are like the best thing that ever happened to me <hes> but my order says he's a lot like me and like he's he's. He's challenging. He's challenging and a good way. You know i it just it gives me perspective on what my parents were going through trying to raise me be there for me <hes> <music> as a kid too so it's crazy sometimes how things come full circle like that yeah well said and and yeah talking about time going fast. We feel like we have all summer to get like the school. Supplies is and all that stuff and then all of a sudden. It's all jammed in wait a minute. It starts next week. You know man. You know that makes me mad like you know..

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