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Detectives from eight to four and four to one nightwatch at the time when i got there i had eighteen detectives to cover all of manhattan and what we would do nightwatch was basically you go out there or midnight to eight on any homicides it was reactive it was never proactive and i would ride i would ride around 'cause you had the whole borough and detectives would stay any office waiting for call and i realized that it has to change somehow because all the stuff that hits the fan was on midnight to eight it's a whole different breed of people characters that come out our our nights if when i was as peo in dc i know it's it's a whole nother thing at night it's unbelievable and what i did is i set up like a little mini chief of detectives so i went to the chief and the chief after about six months there the chief said you know while he let's try it he said you can pick a group detectors that you want that wanna come and i said has to only be that gonna come and it would be people that say we're going to school in the daytime or they had to take care of the kids during the daytime so what i did is i took one detective from crime scene i took one detective from homicide took one detective from robbery want detective from gangs one detective from internal affairs and we were able i took from all the different divisions within the detective bureau and we had our own little mini chief of detectives we ravaging three four homicides a week so and we would have to put a crime scene detective there and having one crime scene detective he knew what to do because we'd get other calls that were come rape shootings and it worked out perfectly you could make.

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