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Night in Las Vegas Forty second. Tko Win over Donald Cowboy Surani. It was as one-sided as it could possibly get I mean dumb. Tony didn't land one significant strike nineteen eighteen to nothing he was out struck and it was just a whirlwind and it was exactly what connor needed to do. The whole week could have gone better. In my opinion he was on his best behavior. Sure when he was late he apologized press conference he was early he was charming. He was endearing it was back to the old mystic Matt. He wasn't upset he wasn't aggressive. He just seemed grateful and happy to be back and then of course he had to perform and get a nice when he did that. Be Magical on the Mike. He did that and now. The big question is who's next. That's part of the fun when you're covering connor. It's not just the build up to the fight itself it's not just the actual. Oh fight itself. It's the debate speculation as to who is next when he'll return what the stakes will be all that stuff more so today on the program we will discuss all that as we. Now start to spin forward as we put to forty six behind us we'll be talking to PT Carol of Emmy Fighting Dot Com hosted the euro-bashing Bash. She was in Las Vegas covering this fight is great to see him back. In my opinion the best European MMA journalists out there right now in a man who knows connor better than anyone has has been covering him long before his. You have see debut. So we'll get his thoughts on Saturday where he goes from here and in particular how the Irish fans now now feel about connor as he tries to make up for lost time and get back on track truly because one of the stories heading it. Saturday was the Irish fans losing in faith in him hoping him and turning their backs on him all this stuff and more We'll how do they feel about him now will will will get the pulse of the nation from PC cow cowboys. I let's say hello to mile pound New York Rick who was also in Las Vegas to take it all in for the ESPN MMA social channels finals. If you will near Creek are you there. M here my friend how are you that wasn't your first connor flight right. It was not my first connor fight. It was my first connor fight in this capacity right. UN to one eighty nine. I've been to one eighty nine. I went to two. Oh five I okay. If you'll recall I brought. This is the Brian Kello- C two five when you're great blunders now if we're going to pull back the curtain like that we'll talk about about how. You took a photo with Brian. In what was it two thousand thirteen. Didn't you remember no no. It was actually two. Oh two it was before the Diaz fight so what was that twenty twenty sixteen six forty six. But how's that a blunder on my part. How was I supposed to know? I mean you're standing in the presence of greatness and yet and even know it I mean I took the picture. You didn't invite the guy they're giving us battle raps and stuff. It was crazy was writing songs about the Rick's pics challenge or the rix takes challenge as was everybody. It was it was a mania at the time. Anyway sorry hey to start to get us off track. But yes I've I've been to several CONOR McGregor fights This was the first I was in a in a working capacity and working for ESPN. Social handles is conor. McGregor back or as Stephen a Smith said and pissed off the world. By the way I had no issues with whatever stephen a Smith said I think everyone is. You're looking like dumb asses by complaining about this so much because if anyone else would have said what he said. Anime said all right cool. Yeah whatever but because it's him how dare He. How dare he talk? Talk about mixed martial arts. Whatever I'll talk about that later if there's time Charlotte do agree with the notion that you know? He's not truly back or did he do enough to you. Know make you believe that that he is back. I believe that Connor is back in. And I'll you know there are some caveats to that. I I'll start with agree with Stephen a Smith's like we didn't learn anything different about CONOR McGregor game right like we know. Conor McGregor is is an elite striker. We know that he has the ability to put people out and he did that to cowboy. Sironi Noth- nothing new there to learn. But what I did learn. Is that his preparation. His mindset the things that he came into this fight saying and doing were a lot different than the way he came into the Habib fight and I believe that conor McGregor is significantly more dangerous than the CONOR McGregor that came into the hobby. That is what I learned. I learned that. Connor is focused. I training as hard as he's ever trained and you know in his interview with you. He said the training was always good. It wasn't the training that was the problem is what he was doing between the training and I fully believe that between the training now he is keeping his head on his shoulders and he is doing what he needs to do. So Connor is back. But I didn't learn anything new about his game. That is the same dangerous guy. That took out Eddie Alvarez. That's the I I didn't learn anything different. He didn't add a new wrinkles. It was too short a fight to understand any of that but I do believe that mentality that he had on that rise is back and I agree to a degree but I do feel like one of the big questions was you know against Habib. He looked flat. He didn't look like himself. And so to your point we we did learn that he can return to his old self his old form his foot was a balloon. I'll stop it and buy like for that again. Everything he says is is scrutinized. And that's fine but I'm going to take what he said. At face value. He was drinking. He was partly because I heard all this stuff leading up to the fight but just never from him that he would legit shit disappear before the fight. Now be is a better fighter than conor. McGregor make no mistake about it right now is the best in the world and you can make a strong case that he is pound for pound number one on and you can make a case that he's one of the great ever in the history of the UFC. But to me. On Saturday. I saw the old connor the way he started the fight The way he was all week his demeanor. What did I say to you on the Monday after I came back and I know this is kind of a week? Move because if you're going to say you should say before the fight. But what did I say to you on the Monday of the fight after I saw on him face to face in Vegas you said that the old connor was back. I said less than two minutes right. He predicted a very quick finish. Yeah very quick for two reasons A.. Because I felt it I sensed it he was locked in. I saw him train. I saw him like meditate for an hour. He just sat there on the ground And was just by himself knowing owned bothering him he just seemed truly locked in and was doing this for the right. Reasons wasn't doing this to shut anyone up. Prove anyone wrong with doing it for himself and his team to to the to prove that he could get back right not for any other reason. I thought that that was promising. And also just like Stevens said Don. It's doesn't show up and I don't know how you can defend Donald Sironi in this particular regard. Listen the guy historically doesn't show up when it's a big fight and once again just like the RDA fight just like every other big fight. He did not show up. And when did I really realized that he wasn't gonNA show up when he was at the press conference on Wednesday and he's standing up and slamming the table. You guys don't understand we're going to blow the roof off this place. That to me was the guy whose trying to convince himself that he was gonNA show up that to me was a guy who was trying to convince himself that he was ready for this. He wasn't isn't ready for this and once again all he did was reinforce that narrative so my question then is can both those things be true. Connor be back if you're saying. Donald cerrone folded folded in the way that he did. What does that? Tell us about conor McGregor if anything like it shouldn't tell us anything because he's he has to be able to exploit that he has to be able to you know rise to the occasion and take advantage of that and again I'll say even though they won't admit it. I do feel like mental warfare was being played I do think he was disarming him and that stripped stripped away even more of Surani's killer instinct at the press conference shaking of the hands. And how did he come out. How did he come out about a hell right? Certainly I didn't know what hit him. Yeah Look I've never been hit with shoulder strikes. I don't know what that feels like. I would get. I would probably crumbled to the ground right if someone hit me like that at like twenty percent of that but I've asked enough fighters who have told me that should not have had the effect that it had on him now of course we can't ignore the fact that he lost his two via via Tko. was I stopped in his last two. All that stuff amore. He's clearly on the tail end of his career but for Karnal look way to act like that to to the build up that he did to perform that way. I mean it just. That was a home run of a week like you cannot to me. You couldn't have scripted that week better for him. It was the perfect storm and truth be told it was the perfect opponent. It did exactly what it needed to do. there was some gripes about who was or wasn't leading in but there's no doubt that was the perfect opponent now in Heinz with with the benefit of hindsight hindsight and seeing the talk about comedy. Now Okay so like I said the the fun part about it as as we try to move on from to forty six this debate because because you know we have John Cavanaugh saying I like H. E. At one seventy The maswadeh talk which is very clear based on the the polls that have done and all that stuff Very clear that the fans want Mazda right very very clear your Russmann out there. You've is out there even audie just kind of throwing out Aldo As random as that was if it was up to you who you going within y Maggio.

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