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Know like when we go and have like an actual personal interaction with them like it's training which I think we're going to talk about. That's when I start to get a little more. Like oh he was just so nice. That's when the rule you know the female side we really female sports fan really comes out in. I get more of an emotional attachment and I think most people would when I'm like. Oh but he was just so nice to my kids you know but yeah I get it and that's the beauty of baseball though so those things are important. It doesn't really have anything to do with baseball. But it sends that family home thinking a little bit differently about the game of baseball The uniform the color is the team. And certainly the player. And that's the difference. You just don't get a whole lot of that with the other sports. The opportunities really not there. I mean in the NFL and it could see their faces. That's the beauty baseball. I mean that's what grabbed me as a little kid so I completely understand it. I think that's pretty typical of folks when they tell the stories of you know why baseball's different for them and why they're so big into it okay to non baseball questions really quick before we roll and you have a spring spring training story at least one to tell I'm curious and the reason I'm asking questions like this When you tell your story I want to know a little bit more about you. So I'm going off baseball for this. So tell me who your favorite character from your favorite television show happens to be like if somebody asked me that question. I'd be like totally Michael Scott. He was idiot and but just a great a great source of like as soon as he left the show. It completely changed. I I would go Michael Scott like something like that. You know I my first instinct is to say probably Rachel from friends okay. Do you don't sound very impressed by that. Do you relate to that because I actually. I'm a huge fan An unapologetically I think it's hilarious. How people on social media like to bash friends say it was a trashed. I'll make you go ahead and do that. I own every season on prime. Because I'm not waiting for. Hbo Max like I don't care what you think. I actually look back at that show and think that those actors that the main six just didn't get enough credit for how well they performed on that show for. What ten years from now? Showing an impressive to me. Do you relate to Rachel was just. She was just funny. In Y- I think it was the I think I just love the show so much and you know especially the age I was at when it was on and I just Jennifer Aniston always seemed cool especially back then So that's I guess the one that jumps out but I don't know you know honestly. I'm not very good at answering those kinds of questions when you know like the favorite prospect. I don't I think longmore onto like a group that the named individual did you notice by the way while we're on friends topic that at some point and I think it was like right around season I wanna see somewhere between seasons three and five all of a sudden. Rachel was skinny Israel. I hit like why like seriously that there was nothing wrong with Rachel. She was attractive. She was funny fit. They had the Ross thing and it was like she went out and like when unlike a low carb diet or something like out. I'm not complaining. I'm just saying it was Kinda weird and and I always worry that back in the nineties. Man They asked some of those accuracy crazy things. I just hope that we don't ever find out. They asked her right. Yeah we could talk all night about that. We could and we shouldn't do a friends episode for. Oh Yeah so one more than we're going to get your Your Spring Training Stories Do you have a go-to quarantine style snack or meal like for me lately? It's been Chilean rice. I've been just going nuts on the man see again. I'm terrible at this game Well actually what? Here's what I'll say especially because it's something that I don't normally have non warranty but we've been having like movie night with the kids almost every night right because it's just you know we're all here all day and at that point it's like okay. Let's let's do something and it's to the point. I think they're getting a little tired of it. But we're doing it at least at this point at least every other night and we have been having practically every time. You've been having a root beer float while we watch a movie such a good idea it's a classic it's easy to make but you know here's the problem with. Gruber floats for me. I gotTa have the root beer and I gotta have the right ice cream. Because it's just average you'll rubira aboriginal ice cream. I'm probably out right. Well yeah and I and I hear you there. I think I'm Kinda the opposite where I'm like. Okay this is you know. We're all eating way more than we ever have. And and we're bored so we want to bake and there's always stuff around and so I actually switched to the Diet root beer.

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