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I really enjoyed that and thanks again. Gentlemen that was fun to hear. Different perspectives and how they are dealing with the pandemic. I've posted links in the show notes to part one and two of our virtual roundtable. If you would like to listen if you WANNA watch us you can go to those links and part three will be out in the next week or two. So it's time now to announce today's community MVP and today's community. Mvp is an absolutely wonderful mental health source here in West Texas Centers for families and children and this caught my attention on social media. Recently centers is proud to provide two free sessions to healthcare workers and first responders who were fighting Ovid nineteen. I am not surprised by generosity. Centers does so many wonderful things here in our community and we thank you centers. We thank you healthcare workers and we thank you first responders for all you do. You are the true heroes during this difficult time. So that concludes this episode of Permian Perspective. A special thank you to Baker Hughes for sponsoring our show Baker Hughes you know recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand and as an energy technology company they are striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Okay remember my life. Matas is always dream big believe and never give up these words or so true not only today but tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day. That's right. We are all in this together. So DREAM BIG BELIEVER. Never give up. Thanks again for joining us for Permian perspective. The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian. You make it a great day. Hey everybody Alex here with the events on deck so do current circumstances of course we are not able to have any in person events so I've nothing of that nature to update you guys on but we have been hosting some virtual events so obgyn is wanting to offer free webinars live happy hours et Cetera. During this time since these events are not scheduled out as far in advance as in person events we would like to keep you guys updated via facebook Lincoln twitter so be sure to keep checking on that. And we'll keep you guys posted on anything. We're offering. It has been free to offer you guys value during this time that we're all at home so please continue checking in and joining us for these virtual events. We are looking forward to seeing you guys whenever we're able to have in person events and hope you're staying safe and sound tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective it production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot obgyn dot.

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