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They can both maybe grow with the program at the same time. That's why you see so much. Roster turnover in the national football league specifically when you have coaching changes isn't regime changes like gavin miami and they've been adamant in the last couple of days since these moves happened that we are not tanking no way no how we're not tanking. You know what you could say that they're not taking. The dolphins can say that they're not tanking. I don't know what word you want to use. Who's as far as i'm concerned and try to win this year. I can promise you that. The dolphins are not trying to win this year so they could say that. They're not tanking. Hey if they win four games this year. I'd be surprised but they're well positioned for the future. Dolphins now have two picks in each of the first round in each of the first three rounds. I should say in the two thousand twenty drift. It's pretty good. It's pretty good good but sometimes all those draft picks. Don't necessarily bear the fruits that you hope they will. I always say when it comes to draft choices you. You can have fifty million of them but unless you hit home runs with those picks what good are they and if you're a fan if you don't have trust in the folks that are making those selections. What good are they. I mean do. I have to take you back not even too long ago. I know the cleveland browns are like the darlings of the n._f._l. Right now and everybody thinks that they do wrong and they're going to be in the super bowl here pretty soon but a wasn't that long ago where the cleveland browns have draft choice after draft choice after draft choice remember and then they swung and missed on virtually all them and they were like a joke around the national football league so so it serves as a reminder that yeah you can have all these draft choices that doesn't mean that you're going to strike gold with them and that's what you got to be careful with your the miami dolphins you know tunsil especially and i remember everything that happened with him on draft night and there was controversy that was surrounding him back on draft night with the viral picture and all the other stuff but you know what he's blossom into a pretty good left tackle in the national football league easily a top ten player at the position and if you're miami you know what that would probably be a position an area of need then now you have to go searching for because you had one and and you traded him away for draft choices. That's something you've got to be careful about and you know look. I wasn't expecting a lot what about the dolphins this year i really wasn't okay and clearly the moves that they made here in the off season showed you they had one eye towards the future but because of that that and you could say that they're they got an eye on to tongue of iowa and hopefully they're going to pick first or second and they're gonna they get their hands on the alabama quarterback either him or justin herbert of oregon or somebody because you figure they need to find out who their franchise cuba's while while why do you then go ahead and decide to start ryan fitzpatrick this week against the baltimore ravens ryan. Fitzpatrick is a good guy. He really is okay but you know what you're getting ryan fitzpatrick. He might pull a couple of throws at a you know where he he might go off one game but then the interceptions are gonna amount and he's going to revert back to the main and then you're gonna see ryan. Fitzpatrick has been the definition phoenician the enemy of a career journeyman. You have josh rosen. You made the move for josh rosen. Josh rosen was a first round. Pick a year ago and it's costing you essentially very little to see what you have in josh rosen it is an affordable foldable one year on decision to see if this guy is going to be part of your future not but maybe the regime with the miami.

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