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Good morning, everyone in Chicago this morning. Forty five degrees may see a few breaks of sunshine. As we go through the day. A fifteen year old suspect has been captured wanted in the shooting death of a sixteen year old girl. Officers say fifteen year old Mortiz fuller was taken into custody by can OSHA police without incident they launched a manhunt for filler yesterday after they got a call about the shooting. Investigators say that's when they found the sixteen year old dead in a home on Kenosha west side shooting has rattled nerves of neighbors near there. We don't have that around here. Scary unusual activities. Convicts us feel little girl's mother was also shot. She has since been upgraded to stable condition. Bradford high school in Kenosha to be closed today for security reasons. The victim attended that school Chicago police department motorcade has left this morning for Washington DC in advance of national police week vehicles or escorting the families of Chicago police officers, Paul our Conrad, Gerry Samuel Jimenez, and others all died in the line of duty in twenty eighteen CPT. Superintendent Eddie Johnson had this message for those fallen officers looking down on this. I promise you all. That we're doing everything we can to dictate great care of your families and your children just like you took great care of the city. Thank you for the privilege of serving alongside of you. And most important for the honor of being you frequency PD says more than one hundred fifty officers will follow on planes and buses to Washington DC and support. Prosecutors have filed charges in the case of a newborn baby abandoned on the northwest saw babies teenage parents are each charged with tempted murder their names withheld on account of their age. They're both juvenile's. The baby's grandmother is charged with filing a false police report. She took the boy to a firehouse Tuesday on Polaski just south of Armitage. She's accused of then lying about her relationship. They say she claimed to have found a baby on top of garbage can in a nearby alley. The boys now recovering Louis children's hospital. Vic Vaughn WGN. News makers are at odds over the funding of state transportation. Bill House Democrats. Moved to Bill forward yesterday that would pay for infrastructure improvements by hiking, the motor fuel tax vehicle registrations and fees. Republican lawmakers took issue with portions of the measure, citing the omission of bonding option men, the lack of choice to give local governments the ability to Levy additional gas taxes here. She on the matter are continuing. And now, we've WGN neighborhood news. Here's Kim Gordon kickoff Illinois craft beer week the tenth annual beer into glass fundraiser, we'll be held tonight at the Garfield park conservatory from six thirty nine thirty tickets include craft beer samples for more than one hundred Illinois and out of state breweries. Several restaurants are also taking part the money raised benefits the conservatory. I'm Kim Gordon. But neighborhood news sponsored by wintrust Chicago's community Bank. Let's get you up to date on WGN sports now. And with that. Here's Mark Carman Brizo in action yesterday the tag team getting done Chris Brown with a home run in the second Anthony Rizzo a two run shot. Cubs beat the Marlins for two one brewers in town for three game series starting. Today. White Sox headed to Toronto loss to Cleveland yesterday. Five nothing a rain short fares delay of two hours and thirty four minutes before they finally called it sucks or two and two on their seven-game road trip. Basketball, portland. Beat Denver one nineteen one eight as the blazers force game seven Damian Lillard with thirty two Jimmy Butler twenty five as the Sixers Toronto forcing game seven as well. One twelve one to one tonight. It's the rockets and the warriors Steve Kerr and company will not have Kevin Durant. He's been the best player in the NBA.

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