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Dot com. Upright and corner. All the links to follow us are there. I did receive sergeant Steve I got a lot of lot of re tweets and a lot of comments on the tweet that I sent out a with a video commentary of what took place. Between the Buffalo Bills the Houston Texans last Sunday at as a friend of mine after he watched he said one thing I've got to tell you general, you don't like passion. There's no doubt about that. Did you see what happened in that Buffalo Bills meltdown? Peterman. That was awful. We had the game won. The defense is playing lights out the Buffalo Bills defense legit top five defense in the NFL. No ifs, ands, or buts. They held the Shawn Watson. You're shut him down game gets tied with what about two minutes to ten something like that the Bill still have timeouts. Two minute warning Nathan Peterman goes back to pass on his own twenty yard line pick six. Okay. There's still time. No problems still time. Throws another interception, absolutely horrible. And I made my feelings very clear. So it's always worth following me at Twitter because one thing that I do state this. It's never boring. Video commentaries. I did state very clearly not sufficient for work, and if if eloquent profanity offends, you you have been warned quite the afternoon of football. And at this point in time with the lack of brain trust going on at one bills drive. I'd rather just see him lose every game. And I'm gonna tell you I think Josh Allen going to be a draft bust. You know, what sergeant Steve I think we may do a podcast just for our buffalo listeners or Buffalo Bills fans. We may do that not this week. Maybe I'll do that the draft. Josh Allen would be a bust. If I check my Twitter feed. Correct. If you look at everything about him, and by the way, if you saw. What was it Thursday night? If you saw Josh Rosen, nother disaster. I wasn't high on Josh Rosen either. I don't think he's gonna I'll tell you. I think the two picks Darnall Sam darnold and Baker Mayfield. I think they're going to be only two legit quarterbacks coming out of this. Josh rosen. The the problem. He's got he has no offense of line. I mean that is an awful offensive line. So I don't know if we know how good he's going to be. I don't I don't think he's going to the problem is. Air zona. Maybe the worst in football could be but Josh Allen. When you look at it. He's they're open receivers. I thought initially. There was no separation. I watched the old twenty two tape. Let me tell you. There was separation. He's holding the ball too long. And he's got the same affliction that tyrod Taylor has. He can't see down the field and release that ball quickly holds onto it. Which is not an uncommon issue. Yes. He's early on in his rookie career. However, However, I think one could deduce early on. I'm not seeing any import normally from game one to two to four to five you see improvement. He's regressing. He's injured. It's going to be sitting for a while. And we've got Derek Anderson that incredible future hall of Famer that's going to start this coming Sunday tomorrow. What an absolute fact, I just received word president Donald J Trump has declared the Buffalo Bills quarterback situation. A federal disaster area. It is eligible for federal disaster relief aid in any event. Hey, I need to mention a longtime friend of mine longtime friend of this show. Quite a interesting character. Great guy cigar connoisseur, fun to be around great alpha male. I'm speaking about Dennis huff, the owner of the famous moonlite bunny ranch in Nevada as well as six other legal brothels, or is he likes to refer to them as houses of pleasure, partying. And he also was the former starve HBO's cat house. Dennis celebrated. His seventy second birthday last weekend had a huge weekend of parties and celebrities people that came out to the moonlite bunny ranch to celebrate with him and on Tuesday. He was found dead unresponsive in the morning after his weekend a birthday, sex seventy second birthday celebration maneuvers and just almost shocking because so much life. Great personality. The last time I saw Dennis was three years. Down in Miami at the rock hotel. I was attending the Florida association of broadcasters convention, and he was he was there for another event. I can't remember what it was. But he was with bunny Cami. Bunny ranch. Cami who was his girlfriend at the time. So Dennis was sixty-nine. I think she was twenty three or twenty four and having a great time had a couple of fine. Dame's we had a lot of laughs said some great cigars, and there is a quote from bunny Cami that she made to me that was so good that I had to write it down. The problem is there's no way in hell that I could ever state what she said on a terrestrial broadcast of the cigar Dave show because everyone of our vast number of cigar. Dave affiliates would probably lose their license, but I'm going to probably do a special R rated uninhibited podcast whereby. I state exactly what she said. And I'm gonna tell you right now. The feminists are going to go absolutely bonkers. They're going to go wild. They're going to have Cardi. They're going to go into cardiac arrest immediately as soon as they. Here. And in fact, wait a minute. I want to just look at the oh here it is. Yeah. This is a classic. And there's absolutely no way. In any way, shape or form. I can state this on the show, but it happens to deal with a woman's. I'm not even going to get into it. I'm just not even going to get into it. It is one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen sixteen words that will leave an indelible impression upon you. And she's right. And every woman that I've ultimately talked to said buddy ranch. Cami is correct. So maybe I will post her brilliant, quote, or I will mention it at a podcast, we shall see. But dennis. Huff was my guest on a regular basis at the cigar retailers convention whenever it was in Vegas over the last four years. It had been or three years it had been in law four years in Las Vegas, and he would always call me and say general thinking of making the trip over I'm like Dennis you're coming over as my guest. We would have some great cigars great. Cocktail just a fun guy. And we share just a lot of laughs. And a lot of people that didn't really know him. I looked at him and said, oh, he's he's he's a he's a pimp. And my answer is no he's really not. He's a businessman. He ran his his his broth- hells hundred percent legitimately never had any tax issues. In fact, he told me interesting stat he said, the legal brothels in the state of Nevada have never once at least all of his have never once had any STD because the girls are tested every week. It is all safe sex. Every thing is done legitimately. Never had any IRS us the girls all made great money. Nobody forced those women. They're they wanted to come back. And he was telling me stories that someone would come make enough money in one week or weekend to last four three or four months, and then that would be it so Dennis hub seventy-two rest in peace. My friend, great cigar connoisseur. Great alpha fun guy to be around. Great personality all the way around. And very magnetic. And we will certainly missed him. So Dennis where we conduct a national cigar like tation ceremony. We will do so today in your honor men are under attack. And I have two examples when we come back the first one I didn't get to last week musician John Mayer at a concert in Baltimore went after masculine men. And then there's an article that was in the Washington Post from last week that I must get to from a feminist named Victoria Bisa will Brown. And I'll just give you the headline. Thanks for not raping us. All you. Good men. But it's not enough. Oh, I am going to be loaded. Locked and loaded on these stories when we continue..

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