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Me so i think there are ways that we can address the fiscal issues and frankly the tax burden that is crushing middle income and lower income folks and driving them out of our city all right now if you're going to address that burden what are the other sources of revenue that you would raise as the mayor so that wouldn't be so much emphasis in regressive taxation but i think before we can even get to the revenue question ben we've got to make sure that we really understand the magnitude of the challenge there's been so little transparency on what the true number looks like there has been literally no effort made to reduce the tax burden by reducing the spend that's necessary to run city government for example the inspector general of for the city records ended i think almost a year ago that the city higher and empower a new risk manager well i can't think of any multiple tens of billion dollar entity like the city of chicago that doesn't have a whole unit or team of people that's focused on identifying risk and mitigating that risk and yet we have nothing like that in the city of chicago so we see screaming headline after screaming headline and you talk about them a lot in this radio program in in your columns about how much money we are squandering and wasting that's real money when you look at it from whether it's a police department of the red light cameras or other ways in which we are squandering tax dollars that adds up it's not going to solve every problem but i'm determined i'm going to have a conversation about revenue raising taxes on folks until we can demonstrate that we've got our fiscal house in order they'll running out of time but i have to ask you this today's suntimes another headline about mayor roms handling the public education the chicago public schools.

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