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True and beautiful life that we can possibly live and we live at out I do think that. The Kingdom of Earth's the kingdom does come down to Earth on some. Sundays. I think you both talk about a lot separately and in the same conversations is identity. Glen I think you talk about a lot in your book abby you've talked about with sports and just in your book as well. I know from my personal experience with athletics. My identity was wrapped up in whatever the world wanted to tell me I was I was just the gymnast I was just the metal nothing else. They told me what I could wear how could talk how I could act who I should hang out with all of it. Glenn you've talked a lot about the identity that you got caught up in with your husband in the church and even going as far as like eating disorders in having an image tied to it. I'm curious how your relationship has helped that working through both identities in world stigmas because I know, one of the greatest things ever happened to me was finding Andrew because I was wrapped up an identity that I didn't know how to get out of and he saw something different when the doors were closed and I could Kinda let that guard down and he helps me kind of heal through that and become. Who I was and I'm curious if you guys have. Gone through that together or healed outside of it and. I don't know like flourished each other. Andrew Good. Familiar.

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