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So in this year's what what is that that is awesome and i i know relations courts say but it's really special he uses you also it's not my it's not like you can't help the football programme a little bit because you have a couple of rings new a little bit of history in and a little bit of a heavily personality but a success you've been around some pretty good people so i i would think you're pretty good asset for their football programme as well when you think you know he often joked at you know i've met with him more in two years in a you know a lotta coaches met with him yell in his basket i'm wanted a basketball coach's daddy's met wit um you know quite often in and out i wanted to continue to be that way and you know coach saving at a really good thing when he was at michigan state in the and coaches old uh you know had both programmes rolling in and um you know it it can be done we we've seen it happen with billy donovan and steve spurrier at florida and um so i think it's it could be done and i love when when i have a chance to meet perspectives student at least at are considering come in alabama on a football scholarship in their parents maybe their parents knew me for when i played with the spurs are coast mavericks in maybe they're fans and now they wanna come meet the little general and that's always to thrill for me to meet those families because i was a parent over perspective student at least four years ago or three years ago when avery junior was a going around the different schools visiting and um so it's it's it's exciting when i have a chance to meet with.

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