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Have had their problems I don't know that there's a a perfect answer for this I don't think there can be everybody's needs are different everybody's living circumstances are different P. Jeannie says the issue of disclosing the to the database to county didn't impact the utilities alert system for notifying customers including those in in medical discount programs about the shut offs okay well that's good news but there's still a lot here that just needs to be explained and I think that's part of the problem the P. genies having communication the governor's Bangala for communication many of the legislators are typically very supportive of what P. Jeannie has to go through you know have banged on the for communication and again getting to the root cause of this all of this stuff Jeez you know we we do a lot of hitting on P. Jeannie an easy target but we have to remember to so much of this has to do with what some of you talk about constantly the litigation the lawsuits the removal of the timber industry through environmental packing I will call it that of a of a hero of the government these are things that P. Jeannie really had no control over we go back to point a and you know exactly what I'm going to say for a lot of this stuff the P. genie is encountering now thank you I had its indirect hands on this problem with a medical database this was created by the lack of proper forest management and if we were dealing like the first caller said forget his name Thomas wasn't if it were any other state we wouldn't be dealing with this only in California we have these particular sort of boutique problems that are very narrow and very political in their origin and in other states even with that have a lot of forested areas you just don't hear about these problems of the local power company having to deal with countless environmental lawsuits you know looking at unless I'm way off of lying here looking at Montana Idaho Utah areas with with heavy you know forested areas do they go through this stop with their power companies I never hear of it at all so as we do seem to be the lucky recipients of of everything with the falseness that has to do with the power problem thanks to environmentalism thanks to politics thanks to you know overstepping over reaching regulation and so much of this is so easy to clean up just stop just stop and do what makes sense rather than what's gonna give me votes next time around or which political you know group I'm going to a piece of they can give me a big donation there's just too much of that and this and that when you're dealing with human lives you know that that that's kind of the already thought anyway that's the latest from P. Jeannie and again it's a it's a little it's a little complicated it's a little bit in the weeds but when you when you see a story with the bold headline P. Jeannie withholds information about medically at risk customers have a major power shut off even if you don't have anything to put you medically at risk you've got to be scratching your head going wait a minute you know we have to have you you have to be there you are a monopoly we can't go to company B. and say I want to use your services now that's the danger of a monopoly where else do you go so the whole system for getting power to the people at hello to the it was Santa California is is a very flawed one and you know awful back a mile crutch if we embrace nuclear would we be having this conversation today right but nuclear has become such a thing of the past in California I mean has everything been shut down now nuclear is gone right from the California power landscape Lisa anything you would like to ask or add or contribute four nine zero fifty eight fifty eight eight hundred seven seven six fifty eight fifty eight offering it's W. listening in other states online that had the heavy forested areas you don't go through this with your power company do you then I would love if you would call an enlightened and a lot of you originally listening right now the bluebells where are from California so you know what I'm talking about we'll be right back it's hard to believe another years just blown right by and how many of you spent this year in pain yeah I thought so do you think this is just like a normal situation and it'll go away by itself I'm talking about back pain in leg pain inflict pain and even your knees and hips to a degree before the year is over you've got to get to the good feed store and change all of his dramatically a good the client name Beverly suffered all the time she came to the good feed store in two thousand seventeen her pain was chronic her life was very limited she even shed some tears in the store relating.

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