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Aw But this is a sport wherever it is through. Tom Abandoned. It doesn't always go all the way you want it to go so I might say okay. He win the WBZ next fine WB. Asian one nine okay. Cool well cheaper sees. They need to fight not belts but sometimes negotiations don't work time doesn't want he doesn't WanNa find you. Don't fight I mean so then. That's when the apples and you know the gym is not. If if they've shown credibility now becomes and you could do one space of hype about ready to get the rankings have ranked will it is now. Richard is the only one. I'm not doing it. Cool he's having closed level. He's gotTa right in. He's being undefeated veit fires so when he says his opportunities he's taking on of the media in Nano he's not taking thinking they say what you want about him. You know Dion was supposed to fight not blown up his. He was nominated to Phi Chris. billups finger style. Chris wiggins said to him Ill Can we postpone deters bids us. It's gone final half he sits Gary. Chris gave me what what is happening. I said it's not happening to us on the line. They made up for the The current temple. Yes come home twice. Amazon's Christo current professor and we'd love to fly and the good thing about all you your to them to step up and I totally agree because deals English champion European champion so there is a golf in that deal necessarily powerfully some without on the road to this English NBA. I've been is is it even even in not so much. Oh okay also holiday could awesome. Do Not just people listening to Gary Train Steele. Who has a big fight? This is twenty five. Yeah you know it professionals over Listen listen I'm not looking for SAM. Hi I'm Paul some highly offer the great fire it should be on. TV is a big fight it should be on TV. And I'll just know that both guys that come into win and I think my guy covers is a lot more basis than some those go to prove. Sam's bisness fought riot. Police Bean and my biggest deal and a good fight. I've known you for Awhile. Levy Levy fan is sometimes but he has a big punch. He hasn't left hand in particular. Sometimes you rely on that and not create will suffer because of it and I think that could be a factor actor and I'll send him Texas morning and he has a responding to be annoyed watching sparring over the loss camps. I I would beg to watch that on finite I would beg to watch a plan to show me what you've been showing US sparring and that's what matters but the thing is it's sped people don't realize how difficult it is to transfer what you do inspiring two nights because there's so many other factors in play inspired more relaxed and comfortable in the glimpse at everything's different than conflict. It's different pressure making everything. Remember nine nine five. And get rid of the O'Brien for the bridge. I'm looking brilliant. Inspiring eleven eleven to and Jimmy tibbs looked at me and bashed up a few sparring partners but not horribly not like Tyson Ivy Schoff and go out and Jimmy. Let me when my buddy ain't gal issue you can do it and be strong. And of course she was a camp and then cut to a couple of weeks later and you just go get those last else few pounds off and you think in the game plan is to take this guy. Layer shave can go late out swinging of uniform thinking now the game and I'll just went from the game plan kit trying to swing and then eventually stopped me because I'll just fatigue lots of variety. Did well another interest in fact you got he was obviously Joe. Gal is going to be in the other call and and even the fight is dion and Sam but it's also a little saw a side bet. Isn't that Kotei. What's against Jim? Gallagher fashioned you know I'm not listening Nicolo with Freddie Roach and he's now man ain't about me. I love what I do. I love what I do. I Love Coaching name out there to to to put any more significance on it. I don't think John Does if if he doesn't business for me. It's not it's about my firearm of guys FIS. Nobody's is known and made them advise and that is my room as coach is just to make my fire. A bit cannot when he comes to me cannot make. It was seven months ago. And that's my roommate's because Joe Joe will try to affect Sam on that night. Sam has to perform tried to affect deal on let not. Shane tries to affect him on that night. Yeah and we do not believe in what do a five year but Mickey Duff sits one Greek thing to me. I'm a great guitar really excited. I'M GONNA go get my manager. Mickey I WANNA go across America. I WanNa be with any fortune. Maybe we'll go with this coach. Gary calm down. He goes off. See more fires. Make coaches seeing coaches. I was just saying I've just wanted to say that you make on name your. I'm glad you said that I think a good trainers with weight in gold the fight that makes a trainer everytime which which goes over to you know law and this would be a third fight with Shane. Hose that being dot two five t to successful. It's better was the transition from chain changed from training. Few from our coaches that you have is this the right fit few. Now if you fall fallout as you never know what's GonNa Happen. I thought I I enjoy this system that operates me so I'm very confident. Passan moving myself anyway. So as as I said it's always difficult matches. So he's very competitive against other coaches Jagan coming from so when I say I'm going to be getting champion. The next law WANNA go for the world title. He'll take me not. Oh you just WANNA okay. Well I was looking at the unification match. So they're not not kinda sober. Mice will personality matches well. Because I'm always like hungry for the next thing to have someone that's not telling me owner so that would kind of hold me back especially these energy attracts energy when you're not on the same energy left on the same wavelength you know. And that's what I say to. The only fighters are available from the guys that nobody knew in amateurs went on Newton. Emma saw something something in them. Therefore I'm GonNa Make Mandarin and I'm GonNa make other fires respect Yuppie once. They an icee today much him buy vying to buy into what I'm telling you you know and also inspiring. I want you to come up with an idea when you say Gary Ron Welcome so now main. So what is the most you want to train the new tactically intelligent enough to give you. The right plan is chemistry. The most important thing trainer or fighter or knowledge. Both what would you say one or the other would have nonni. I agree I feel like I have a chemistry is only good. If not as as you know coal you have to have the knowledge to know. Mafia just needs to from punches or just just needs to slip. We'll just needs to have all the chemistry to get in our custody. It's wasted knowledge if you're just like oh well card but then the top the FBI shot at that. That is something that needs to be spoken to or vice versa or some people only spoke to any so if you have the knowledge of the way to gay foods the fights that's all it's a waste all lost knees nowhere you'll fires capability so fromo punches. But they're not the type of our that can come on their show. Those punches is a waste of knowledge. Jillian coming from so you kind of have to have a balance between the two. So that's what I like about Shane and so was on. But you never asked me to do stuff. I don't actually wants to D G Get home from so high might be capable of jazz income out of But in my own mind and I don't WanNa do it. Minority takes about energy or take a process. But it's always. It's time yeah has to you a- and knowing how to get as I said I know what I'm lacking a call why won't be spoken to or independence situations we spoke about. Look at that have happened and it never happened but we've already had discussions in could not down. Yeah I mean dancers boxin. I'm not down several people so I always ask myself. Okay if as a pro diapers me. What what's this will will Rich but doctors me has points taken off such point taking about so. Do I now chase the point point in that round. We'll do I say you know that says so. There's lots of different stuff as much as we look at my my thing. I don't know I'm Dan I'm not Tonkin. round-by-round calculate between people not not just a physical hundred percent like okay. Not and he's very mature they go on to the INS and outs points are Kinda know. Okay how my feeling fitness wise. How's the going up to this point? What's the game I'm uncut? Do I feel like I have enough to push that game. We'll do change and go this way. So that's one thing. I I personally like with Shane. He's very adaptable. And he he kinda he kinda knows because he's that day in day out. What kind of but for me? It's about from him and he's able to deliver with him. Experiences breath it experience in on Move Him Franson experience experience. Nobody knew Shane was made champ. Frampton a champion of in the league champion. The world's best February in onced Shane's name and and that's what happens in getting. So what was it goes back to. The fire. May chains brings night because everybody would have said. I didn't move David. David was caught me. Snake as Communist. Adam move as done at time again. You May George grows. Wait and reach anti made Ryan Burnett champion. He made he's made numerous law is woke lost but he's made them champion. East helped the fulfil because they got talent mentality. So I don't think he would have been a champion wherever they write the chances new huge there is that maybe as confident as you do not mean so. It's about the coach helping them. Come out themselves moves. Eating the difference is you said you can't scream at certain certifies knocking give him a slap other fires. Sation Listen Megan show you you know cause some FIS FIS and they say they dropped the right time on the job for instance and see it so as a commentator I see see it and I mentioned it but I know as a trainer. You would know you're in you're in the guys corner you've seen it. I know you must've told him over straightened out when you fight just can't do thing. Even if it's simple mo the habit all just a lifetime habit or whatever it is and and for the liberal many US can again to change range enough to tie that you ever voted. Don't see where you go and try and get him going. Listen if he's fought on a really good leftover Ernie drops his back. I'M GONNA get moving through his left. Does this work on your strength. Of course always much which I'm afraid to say this just in case you reach over those giant Agios were can you weaknesses of course. Of course seventy. I'm saying Dan but what I do is yeah you know but still ought to start goods. That kind of towns so I know for example. clincher so. I've been working a lot on. There's enough Jujitsu of mixed martial arts sports so it's not just holding so I look back at yes I look back for example Twenty eighteen I post Chamberlain asking in that year and that was upholding Odin by now at least effective because I realized Fasano reading this is Although sometimes I might not WanNa move my feet the whole time. Did you come from two to take distance detail punching people off me but now with this article complex off my chest becomes. We'll grapple game blah blah blah. So I looked to enhance it. Light so for example is that different sports in Welcomed on different tactics mindsets. Let's not knowing not cool stay focused. That's what I was going to be for four rounds except John. I mean this is physically. Gaza graduates getting their chest. That's okay we've accepted that what to do next saw. Welcome this all the time. I know I'm physically strong DOT com. Osborne completely naive. If if you know where can you. One hundred percent on I four even welcoming trump's and the stuff that I do well naturally is natural so as we said physical Stra Punching the hard just have an actually kind of movement and I don. I really honestly wish don't see often the nightclub. Nobody can not something personal upsets me in Boston. It's Kinda China exactly so it's Kinda like one of those. I set my witnesses. I'm trying to welcome them over. Get Away with the straps. I have June. I'm saying so so you can move. You know you could get on the balls your feet and you could be more effective the movement. But they're not that takes away from the tall so you know it's it's given Tapu all of your strength to gain seventy nine working on undefeated. World middleweight champion generally recognizes forty forty one of the top five middleweights world in world history. Nice Fuller it was awful. It was good enough to put them in positions where they get close to getting Grefe and sometimes they've not not really I should say but he would win. Guy Was undefeated. The woman who at trump opened what it is. It's just getting the win. And the w the most important thing you know one event which grabbed headlines. This week was the press conference for Walden and fury to both flights is predicted the rematch. We'll have an exclusive ending account..

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