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And i'm sure dean pees knows that he he's he's not new to this game So there will be some mix of trying to confuse. The offensive line is dean pees clarified. You're really trying to fuse. The guys in the trenches as to whether the arte you make sure you can get those blitz and make them effective in really for the quarterback. I think they're going to try to repeatedly get pressure on him without exposing themselves to the big run. And it's gonna be it's gonna be a tall ask and this is going to put a lot on both foyer and dion jones to be able to cover that space where hurts get out the space and do some damage with his legs but the weapons philadelphia has some good weapons as well at least weapons with potential. The tight end position in the very similar fashion. They've got two guys. That are quality. Tight ends zakar veteran. You know a little bit of a dip last year but man. This guy has been one of the best receiving tight ends for his time in league dallas. Who when they drafted him back in two thousand eighteen a lot of people five. Okay this is gonna be to take over for arts and a few years. It's kind of a lot of people thought the eagles we're gonna move on from this year. The fact that kept him. It's kind of surprising. You've gotta wonder if that makes irks. Dallas got a little bit. Who thought he was going to emerge as tight in one in two thousand twenty one. This will be his fourth season. This is a contract year for him and remains to be seen what they do you know the will they give a contract extension to erz who is gonna turn thirty one this year Or will they finally sort of commit to making the future at the tight end position regardless they have both of them right now. They're both really good weapons at the time that position. Now receiver the smith who is alabama we all know how good alabama sears tend to be their first round pick this year. We don't expect from him except that. Obviously he's incredibly talented a slight smaller guy as far as his stature. You know he's he's tall enough. But one hundred seventy five pounds. Six one he's Hopefully the wind doesn't blow him off the field but again another sort of really big investment for the eagles to try to build this offense. We'll see how that pans out and again rookie. Wide receiver tend to struggle in your one. Even julio jones didn't have a big season initially so this is something to watch what he can do his in his very first. Nfl game now on the other side of smith is yet another first round first round. Pardon me first. Round wide receiver in jalen regular. It was their first round. Pick from twenty twenty out of. Tcu funny enough. He's shorter but weighs more. He's five foot eleven hundred ninety five pounds Understandable he had a struggle as a rookie. I think they're expecting him to take a leap forward this year and again another fast receiver guy that could potentially stretch the falcons defense on sunday as long as these guys. Are you ready to go. And you know they've got. They've also got a quiz watkins at the slot. Who is again another fast receiver. A little bit slight. Six two hundred ninety pounds remains to be seen if he's ready to also take a step forwards he was drafted again in two thousand twenty so the eagles have three really fast receivers all of whom were drafted either last year this year. And if you're starting a offense with a new quarterback in your giving him weapons like this that could be a challenge in the first game you know. These guys don't have a lot of time on the field together. They don't have the timing down. In the way that matt ryan would with russel gauge with calvin ridley and that could cause some issues for their offense. Now you know these are fast guys so they could potentially just win on pure athleticism so if you look at a guy like aj terrell and fabien moreau on the outside and then isaiah oliver in the slot. Terrell everyone has big expectations for. I think he's going to play well in this game I think he's going up against a top notch receiver from a physical standpoint but terrell has shown he can do that. you know. Terrell has had to cover calvin ridley camping. That's going to have prepared him. Well monroe think is you know equality enough corner. We'll see how he matches up either. Against smith or against regular Or walk ins. in obviously isaiah. Oliver stands to be the the issue of the these three corners in could be the one. That's a little bit more concerning. So this is a matchup almost sees a push where there is some potential for the eagles Lot of people have these receivers sort of all go off as really young receivers with very little real game time with With hurts But you know this is where the first game can be very unpredictable. the the philadelphia eagles have running back mile sanders. And you know. He's he's a quality runner really struggled as a receiver The past several years. So he's not going to offer a ton in the receiving game son with the major concerns there and honestly pf has ingredient like fifty fourth of seventy so he's not like this absolutely dominant running back. He's he's decent enough and they've got some faith in him that he can take another step forward here in his third year in. Obviously you know you look at the back end of the balkans defense and you've got arguably the strongest position group on the defense is the the linebackers you know dion jones voyeur lucan and mike walker is a backup behind them. Think these guys are going to do really well against Players like sanders and maybe even coverage against some tight ends like erz goddard in the safety position drawn harmon. Eric harris their veterans. They've been here before. I think that will help. Neither guys actually like really super inspiring their decent enough players think harmon is the better of the two..

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