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Centre of a major town. I'm Phil Farrar. I'm la Donna Harvey. I'm Ted Garcia. It's a 30. This is San Diego's Morning news. Let's see three ways and a second stimulus check could still happen. Are maybe three ways of seconds. You know what? We've got news about your money coming up with Silly day. 51 will straighten that out Really thick with Kevin Dean, What's up? Every three stays eyes. It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle. All right, so some good news at the border checkpoint. We're up over an hour around the 67 o'clock hours because there are only three lanes Open north found in Santa Syndrome. Good length are good news. There's six lanes open now. It is back down to about a 45 minutes away north of the border checkpoint. There was some sort of minor incident there. That's all they're saying. They're describing it as a minor incident that close down half the lanes of the border, but their open against six lanes open and traffic started pick up speed, once again north of the border to the easy drive nor pound five. The unified that of the South Bay. The bridge is clear nor county accident. Priya's well, This report is sponsored by Unbound Bottle Word Right now, there are young people across the world facing a tough choice Continue. Her dream of education or drop out to help their family. Put food on the table. You could help change their future in a single moment. See how far your support can go on. I'm bound out of work. Go goes next Real time Traffic update 8 40. Time now to check in with 10 news meteorologist Megan Perry. Hey, Good morning, Megan. Hey, Good morning, a quick warmup on tap under sunny skies today, drying dusty through the morning inland to the mountains warmer by Halloween weekend. The coast in the low to mid seventies.

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