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Probably not in also like didn't tip it over yeah they had she knows a highly lerala let me go on there is like eight angles on that oh yeah vehicle and the rest on coordinator set that up for two days come in that warehouse also those extra slash are those really the people in the truck because they were definitely not on dillon was on black entertainment okay yeah that was there was the biggest moment of raw i totally forgot that his first time being on raw probably not the one photo of him that everybody hattvik the one existing photo of kevin done is him sitting in the or is him in the boot immediate in a he's in video one though like edit sweet that they handled that that was on an episode tv no not as it's a promotional photo company photo is really big for kevin dunne wrestling fans everywhere and for chocolate cake i think that was my favorite moment of the whole blake because the set it up so well to be that classic wwe there's food on his face here and in mamand is takes the slice it got a piece gotta eat uh the yeah i mean i talked to some arms really great i think that now we're just like expectations are getting so high i mean does he just gonna just gonna like implode the we would it whereas russell many of the silverdome now the super super that's a joke ragnar hogan the ad nobody's he just gonna like is it it's it's kinda like tip over the stadium at russell mania like wicket aggressively dudes and i eat the smoothie king center next door at the lethem whole arena desire thought it was a smoothie yeah it's going to the it'll it'll be interesting to see where they take this is stroman is.

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