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This is the frame on John horn for today's show, we talked with film critic Claudia Puig about what festival movie she seen, and which ones have stayed with her. Then Jake John Hall plays. An art critic in the new film, velvet buzzsaw. He tells us how his own views about the value of criticism have evolved. More and more. I think over the years I've found it a lot funnier and playing a critic and finding humor in a critic has given me the opportunity separate myself from that and a documentary about the origins of the nineteen seventy nine film alien takes a deep dive into the famous chest Burster seeing all that. After this short break. From ABC news. I'm Nick Roman with the stories we're covering seven. Oh, one immigration courts in southern California. And across the country were up and running today the first full working day after the government shutdown ended KPCC's Leslie Bernstein, Roe Haas's. They've got a lot of catching up to do. The first day back has been hectic, according to the immigration judges union judges who were furloughed are hearing cases, they haven't had time to review, and then there's the backlog before the shutdown LA's immigration courts already had a backlog of more than seventy five thousand cases that only grew during the shutdown immigration. Judges are hearing cases that were already scheduled for this week. Not the many cases that were scheduled to be heard during the shutdown. A spokesman for the federal office that oversees the immigration court said people whose cases weren't.

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