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Com to subscribe and ask your questions in our chat box. Evan wants to know to the God king with conservatives being based in logic and liberals based on emotion. Are we going to have the same results of that? Bulkin Romulo in war is Trump own ceramic and if logic does win, do we make leftist go through the the Cullen are? Am I saying that right? Sorry, I'm not a Trekkie more of a Star Wars fan or do they get their phone planet. You have taken them to a level of nursing. Not that I can't. It's not that I can't go there. It really it touches on a real, a piece of disappointment for me, which is that they never actually circled back and figured out if that Romulus and chick was tasha Yar like they, they dealt with a little bit like maybe it's talk yard broader or something. They said of the biggest question in the entire next generation, then nobody cares around that. We care. And beyond that, I'm not going to answer that question. What's next. I was introduced one thing, the one thing about Star Trek that I know is really important do us based on the Hornblower novel. Yeah. If you haven't read the novels are the greatest adventure novels ever really not never. Oh, my you would love if you start reading Hornblower novels, we won't see you again. You will be whatever happened to Ben. They like knowingly. You'll love him to death. There's there's Shogren made me a bunch of fiction recommendation hours. I bought some of the. I would also second that they're really great books, and I think that you can get them on your kindle for free because of the way that copyright laws work. They're so old that you even have to pay for them anymore. So check that out Ben. So some of Andrew. Portugal, harsh out this question comes from subscriber. James who wants no Ben, assuming Trump keeps on the similar trajectory to his first two years. Are you planning to vote for Trump in twenty twenty? Yeah. Her not to vote for him if he continues on similar trajectory. And I've said this. I've said this before my, I had three chief concerns with President Trump when he was candidate Trump won that who not governed conservative because he had said a bunch of crap all over the place. There was no guarantee of Lord of who's going to be that has been alleviated. He's governed extraordinarily conservative with problem. Number two I had with him is that he was going to Seoul, suck the Republican party and drive them to embrace positions and ideas that I found about some of that has happened, but it's already happened and it's not going to be alleviated again by me, not voting for him because what's happened has happened. And now we're already there. So it's a little bit like, okay, now the now the cars in the river. Now, what do you do? The same thing fairness bet has been a far less of the Verschoor for sure. So I was worried that that the. Tire party was suddenly going to embrace tariffs and the entire party was going to suddenly embrace the idea of being soft on Russia or take the worst aspects of his rhetoric and then apply broadly. And I don't think that that's been the case in most Republicans. In fact, I think most Republicans correctly see Trump as more of a vehicle for policy priorities than as a thought leader, which makes sense. 'cause bowlers need thoughts. So that always like really, especially of young people show that this is not how young people think. So that's been alleviated and then concern. Number three is the one that's still very much on the table, and that is the toxic vacation of the Republican brand by President Trump with growing demographic groups in the United States, it's obviously true with women. It's not quite as obviously true with black folks in Hispanics between my while. It might be able to evidence there is kinda skimpy, but at the very least it's not really the question is, is deepening damage that already existed with those groups..

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