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The Avs getting set to take on the Minnesota wild tonight there in Saint Paul Minnesota is Tom right now for our pre game interview. And this evening Carter mcgahey is standing by with Tyson berry. Connor thanks for here. Tyson very little absence seven shots last night off to a slow start. But you guys got back to what change to about halfway through the second period. I think we just picked up the pace a little bit. I think we're ready for that game. And it just kind of stumbled out of the gates a little bit couple. A couple of mishandles the puck and just some weird things going on. And we were just weren't playing faster. So kind of panicked. We dressed in between periods. And then. It was obviously a great second half the game. I one of the talking points that uh schools like to talk about is getting involved in offense. And you guys really did that last night g gets going? You have three cysts have you guys engage from the blue line like that? I think it's a little more active. Russia when you can be the fourth man, Russian and. In and when. While you're trying to slide to the middle and just make yourself available and try to. And you do that in knowing when pinch pinch, and is is really a key to that. Or is it just sort of sense? I think it's the sense. I think you learned the long you fight early in my career. I was probably more prone to pension whenever I was sniffing any sort offense. Yeah. Now, you can you can see when you know, it's time to venture what am I dealing with your risk goes into it? But it's really of Minnesota wild tonight. It's a backtrack for you guys. Getting very late here to Minnesota about three o'clock in the morning. Go right to bed, and then you just sort of have the day off right enshrined restaurant back to backs. Not an easy thing to go through with. Yeah. It's. Wake up trying to get a little stretch in Nevada grab some pre game. And then just get some rest and get ready for a team interested in. Home. So. I don't think I in fact bacteria, obviously, not ideal. But I don't think it's the end of the world. So we'll be ready to go to nine hundred meeting between these two teams fans view this as a rivalry. Do you guys use? Yeah. Absolutely. I think since we played them in the playoffs. That was five years kind of turned into a bit of a bit of a rivalry. And it's always nice to beat up on soda especially in. Well, good luck tonight. Thanks for doing this. And we'll get back to back win. How about that? Sounds great. Tyson.

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