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Our group. Texts are buddies. Always like they're like this is why they're not GonNa win it again. Like when they start with a shitty star be like here. We go to blow up the team again. We're fucking ten years away from having a chance. It was always like wait. We won the on. They were playing the Bruins me as a selfish like fan of a team. That has won anything. I wanted the Bruins when because I was just more used to that feeling. I didn't want a team to have that feeling a new team. You know what I mean. Yeah because 'cause they almost they're stealing what's supposed to be you're correct. I was just like Oh the Bruins win all the time I'll just I'll just I'll just experience that again. Yeah that's a familiar feeling. You know what I mean yes I feel same baseball like dude. Everyone keeps saying like Oh the red sox yankees this huge robbery like I. I've lived in a time where the red sox have won multiple championships. Let them have another one. If if it's going to be the Yankees the Yankees lose to another team and the Red Texter. If the red SOx played the mets I. I don't want the mets to win. Because I live with these people I I. I like experience there like I watched them watch their team lose. It's fun to me like same with the Rangers. Get that from an islanders perspective because you wanNA taste the Bruins is familiar and you don't want another team to experience what you want your team to experience but then from a Yankees perspective you've won multiple championships. I would. I would think you would be like Oh cool. Like you know Kansas City one. Yeah that that I am. I said incorrect if it was the meth versa. Red Sox a team that like is that I like to hate. They hate one team. That won Catan team. That my friends. I've never even witnessed like that just being from Long Island and then the true mix more never happen. Keep the red sox like I want that. But in fact they've won but you'd still prefer like your rival Red Sox win over the mets just because you live with these people I love the work I would never meet a red sock fan of my life Because you never know yeah fair enough. You wouldn't have day to day. Interactions with this came into my argument that the day to day livelihood and robbery avary between islanders and Rangers was bigger than the Canadians bruins. The history of the game and at the game and canes and Bruins is the biggest robbery of all time but like when I go to school or work and stuff I am in the mix with fifty percent ranger fans. Fifty percent with my girlfriend is a ranger fan. Her Dad's arrangement. I'm not dealing like people with Canadians. Nations we don't see it the way you see. We like you know. In areas players is bigger for us. I mean it's just incorrect but incorrect. It just depends on where you live personally. Just don't care you live in Jersey grew up in Jersey. Yeah Okay Long. Island's I mean. I don't know what that means chanted pop infra since one thousand nine hundred thirties. You don't remember what it means. Okay so then just now we check the what nineteen forty. What Martine Forty for? Like seven here so you can start the nine unfortunate again. My point being a like on long island where it is. That is New Jersey's Islander Fans New Jersey. That's why you would like you grew up with more flyers. You grew up with fires down levels organization Asian. Well we're not hockey or POD. John is having lost since October. Say this country and like affects the Boston Montreal internationally watching the game one hundred percent I do I like French. There is a deep like right like at least with like islanders right now. We're like American New Yorkers and like there's a certain degree of what's deeply rooted. It was like fucking french-canadian Montreal. People versus like Boston like Americans think there's like a deep-rooted. I agree agree negative connotations to that I agree when the game is happening. The rivalry is more amplified and deeper when it comes to just more historic and booing during the national. I think like on a regular Tuesday when neither team or playing. I'm dealing with Lurch and I'm dealing with people like you know what I mean like final Burger Marina Marina. They haven't heard about from a Montreal Canadian's Fan in seven months. They haven't played them yet. They're not dealing with them. Nothing islanders haven't lost him over eleven. I live with people that try and tear me me down every time we also asked for the back. That's like the Rangers lose it. And that's why I think that's why I think it's bigger on a day-to-day basis we're constantly jabbing off season. Everything Islanders unders were making bets. You know what I mean like. I just don't think Boston France interact with haves fans as much I. Just don't you're seeing some of the bar every night single. See somebody rooting for the Rangers goal. You chirp yeah I get back to when we went to that bar just four drinks. We were in the middle of a rangers bar. That was my hell like like a red sock fan. You were in a night ranger. A bruins fan doesn't show up up to a bar in Boston and just go to a fucking Canadians bar. That's just doesn't exist. There's rangers bars in my town. It's crazy you know what I mean so the handicap system. Yeah whatever I do think that I think. PJ toward proser prior around a six. That would be my guess Phil again. Plus five point six index. Good for him keeping handicapped. Bless you to Jake Jake. Your Sneeze Michael Said Love You. Recap of the pioneers trip. If you have four days planned for a golf trip in that area with your buddies would you recommend doing three day package tobacco road or doing any of the pinehurst resort packages what I would say is this you know tobacco about twenty five thirty minutes away from Pinehurst. What I I would do is I would do a day at tobacco played thirty six holes? One of my biggest regrets that we didn't get to play tobacco road twice now on these trips. We're doing something you know. We're we're really. We've focused on the content. Hate that word with the content and we're doing all kinds of filming droning and we're trying to get such a professional production value in covering that round that we couldn't do thirty six day. It's impossible we're doing interviews and all that one of my biggest regrets. I'm a trip is not doing tobacco twice. I think it's such a unique crazy easy golf course. They don't love when we say that. But it is crazy. Mike strands like it's a crazy. Golf course the design. But it's actually incredibly playable not that long if you learned earn where to hit it and you get over the visual intimidation. It's a very playable. Golf course the ball on the opposite of like Pinehurst number two there's Turtle Greens the ball rolls off. The green on tobacco road would like a lot of the Greens are kind of bowls funnels. Where if you hit it like thirty feet left of the pain in Pasadena Roll all the way back to the whole and like cool stuff like that So I would love to play so I would say they go to tobacco road to thirty six holes there and then go to Pinehurst out so you have to play one day you should do pinehurst number two in the afternoon to the cradle with aks going to give you as a mix of getting your absolute teeth kicked in by Pinehurst number two. It's one of the great most iconic championship venues in America toasted three. US Open's Donald. Ross Ross you gotta play number two if you go to Pinehurst and then you get the exact opposite in the afternoon which is like you take three clubs out there. There's music playing speakers literally intellect the trees in the wood. Would and you hit some. Somebody might get close to home one. There's GonNa be a lot of birdies lot of drinks. It's going to be the total opposite. Experience GonNa leave you feeling like okay. I made a couple of birds out of time and then and the next day. You GotTa play Pioneers Number Four. You have to do that So those would be three days right there. You Got Thirty six at tobacco road you drive you stay at Pinehurst for a couple of nights makes you go the brewery the new brewery. They opened up like a year. AGO is really cool. Makes you eat at the Carolina. Hotel had the The Ryder Cup rooms where we ate in got great food a cool scene in there. He got kind of walk around the area. And there's a couple of other pubs that are like the one we walked into regis were too late for food but like you chip into the fireplace. Place that weird five five that when we were there had weird vibes told us we gotta go there. What was that called? Pine Crest Pine Crest in Pine Crest in. But I heard that's very cool. I think we just caught on a really weird. It was like no one in there and the place was empty. There was like cat. Food laid out on the floor. Everything was it was weird vibes and then so. That's three days of the trip. which is tobacco thirty-six six pioneers number two in the cradle afternoon and I would do pinehurst number four and the cradling afternoon again and then on day four go play on the golf course? I mean they got. They got literally ten golf courses. They're view crew include the cradle. I love number eight but I've heard a bunch of the other ones are really really good as well And that would be the way that I would do. Four days. There you guys agree. I agree and roads carts too so thirty six holes there you can take a cart And you'll be good to go. The ones that are worth going there can love tobacco really really really cool place more I think think about the more I realize I enjoyed it. I couldn't agree. I was going through the drone footage last night tax andrew Going through the drone footage we drone the hell out of that place and going through the footage was it felt epic just looking at footage of that drone coming up over all the different undulations in the dunes in the mountains was so cool so I would do thirty six holes there. You can rip around in a cart like we said and it's very playable. I think even from the tips. It's like sixty five hundred yards so it's not that long I think it's very playable but it's visually intimidating. One thing that is troubling. Like if you hit pretty good shots. You're fine is when you hit like you know like if you for example like there a couple times chunked a wedge hitting from eight yards out I chunked a wedge that went like sixty yards and I was just fucked right. You're in like or a Dune like that. You're just not supposed to be and it's like have you hit that wedge like a decent contact even even you'd have like twenty feet for Birdie at worst. Instead of in this horrific Dune I make triple which psych. That's just how the golf course so I think you gotta do that. That's the way I would do. The trip I think that's it that's all we got. We have the bar so classic is up next. I think Frankie got into well. You're going to hear this kid rock. Oh speak in great works at the I t one the fucking bar so classic. Congratulations Rocko. I'm happy for you. Seem like a good kid but the islanders were down to work in. This isn't a hockey pockets. But I have to bring us up. Islanders has had set history last two days the only team to ever come back for multiple goal deficit five minutes in the third period period. Back to back games ever..

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