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Yeah what about one love well. Yeah we're we're big fans of religion king navy this weekend baby fifteen locations you go there get extra become a candy. Act extra for like next week yes. Every time we mentioned people tweet me pictures of them. Get lunch there. You go. that's good stuff. Chicken fries toasted slaw. Just take one joke. If you can't pay the note. He is watching this. Show the other day airplane repo. They go they go and they feel guy. Repoed a helicopter. What a helicopter together. These you know. Those giant gulfstream planes like fifty million dollars. These guys just walk into the airport. They devise some kind of deal off. You go ways guys make fifty grand just repo these planes. The plane and they fly out pilots. Yeah well that that will help that would help. Yeah label andy max. But they don't they don't have a Catch phrase like You know you know like what you're talking about. It ain't no joke if he can't pay the note eight no joke. If you can't pay the note amen let's see you got. Let's see reds baseball team opening day between the cardinals and reds great american ballpark set for april. First game time now set four ten. Allegedly joe be late. April first jokes on us One week today. Reds pitchers and catchers. Did you see there was up something floating around. Somebody sent it to me on twitter that the predictions are like the reds are going to be in. Fourth place says the reds are going to pick for the reds to finish fourth in the al central. The record of seventy nine eighty three can. They've finished lower Well pittsburgh's their pittsburgh really gonna stink. I trust it. Pittsburgh will stink. Let me tell you that right now. The pirates will stink. But you don't think anybody ever said that about the reds no. You're probably right because nobody like hates reds like no. It's just everybody kind of goes okay. The reds you're to the rich yeah. Baruch s a bearcats tonight up against temple. Fifth third arena at seven in k. U. winners are six straight on the road at green bay. Five milwaukee and right state tonight also akron miami too busy night. Yeah friday night of college basketball tomorrow. Yukon and xavier. Musketeers are back after the covid. Nineteen deal again held noontime tomorrow. That's what i'm saying. That's all that's all you got tom. Brady of course the other day through the trophy rob gronkowski now. He's going to undergo a minor surgical procedure on his knee. This off season. He played most of last season with some discomfort in that neigh and then goes and wins the superbowl. So now what's he gonna do at forty five with the good knee rain again. Run faster on the left side but just don't get why do people gotta break his balls. The guys allowed to celebrate. And if anything. I wanted to super bowl i i would be in a stupor drunken stupor for the first time. Ever he's like bruce springsteen who will always be chrysler. Now be throwing up over the side of the boat. Thank you leave the go alone right. I i'd buy a carnival cruise line for him. If i won the super bowl and all that dough. Hey man thanks. you're welcome. What was that sound like your backyard or something that was to go. I think you get much work done. But i sure have a lot of fun. Everybody have a good weekend. A playoff hits. Maybe what oh to seventy. I five one three eight one. Three seven nine seven nine. The phone rings studio. I pick up on ear on fridays wall. He's cost anyway. Whatever okay off now. I guess it full disclosure. I should put out that like when we're playing a song or on hold a sparred but it's really not But when we're live i will pick live but if you're playing a song or if there's a commercial i'll just pick up and put you on hold answer put you hold okay but anyways you know the rule i just pick up on the air and you gotta say who you are and where you're calling from caller go caller go ahead jay byrd j. bug from dell high. Yeah just gonna see what you guys prefer for lunch. Willing to buy chris place. I appreciate that. But no i mean you. Would you like some pizza or some wendy's all god no the now. You're talking chris languid. You are but no no. I don't trust anybody sorry. I don't trust anybody but you know when you got door dash and all that kids. You're so good. Yeah sorry brother. No thanks so i appreciate it really going to be like that you know how come you know just for the good. I don't buy what would you prefer all by what's your favorite just army sex sandwiches lending wendy's years wendy's fat bitch. Oh let's see over here. Caller what is what's your name. You're on the air names greg. Yeah hi so you know. I have a question about the thursday night. Show with Miss kidd chris yes. My wife took some phone calls. I'll play those again coming up. No no no no no no no. I got a question What's your favorite one of. Your favorite. skit is a little weird out. It says they would just say excuse me courage. See her. she's gonna say fu but what would that really been like that news. Fucking nut don't curse. Yeah no. I don't think we don't hear from teddy enough and she. She wouldn't take his call on my show. Yeah i do my show on thursday nights and my wife took over last. I blast ten minutes and took some call. Thank you indulge minutes. just funny. He'll go.

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