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I got to talk to frenchie on friday and the exit interview. I asked frenchie if he was going to be on social media anytime soon. He said now he's going to be taking a break. But i guarantee you when he comes back. he's i called it. I dag on called it. I tried yeah. I did my best That's going to be the one thing that frenchie is like a. Yeah i all. We're not gonna hear anything else about him promising. Everyone safety is going to be no asshole. Job christian sir. I didn't listen to me. And now look and if something happens then christian and melissa make it in the long run. Outside of the house still have frenchie popping up like watching mary after me. That's the way what is the royalty situation on this wedding. Is there anyone here that objects to the marriage of this man. And this dag on of jack said i was the show. Showman's killer no show. I was crazy now. Can you please leave. Christian analysts had a conversation in the episode tonight. I wanna play a piece of that. The bad habit popping gross. That's not now okay. That's that's not gross popping years. It's in the mirror. Listen that's that's not gross. But then it takes a turn their gross. Yeah but then. If you leave it there it's gross. That is gross more. You say you watch dr Pimple popper right yes. I have one of my favorite shows us. I hope he's not popping any pimples. That's is and leaving it on the mirror. that's weird. that is weird. That is gross. Yeah i agree with that when he said he does it in the mirror he he. He meant literally like on the mirror. 'cause i i was initially imagining. Just like yeah. You're looking at yourself in the mayor. But he no he meant like let me name. No i don't know there. Yeah i mean they honestly they had a conversation. I think earlier today aware she was popping his and and and she was like. It's not gross. I don't always obsession with this in the house. I don't get it. Yeah at the risk of sounding vein. I've never really had to pop. Oh for ballistic type event. They're like you know some force that comes out when it happens or it's kind of losing titan. What's the logistics here. Never known child isn't going for this. This yeah you know. I don't know. I don't know like That that should should you. If you have a blemish like that. I like i. I wish that i knew if you should Take care of it yourself or if you should leave it there but there's a lot of lot of documents folks on subject is pretty wild to do some research. He's got documents baby. All right mar- you brought up Derek x and hannah. And i think this is like the traditional like you know like there's there's two types of big brother show mance. Is there sort of like the gest. Like a pure chemistry. They see each other. It's hot and heavy pretty much from the jump The Justin cody is the world's your house hook up. Let's hook up but then there's like the like the one that's gonna take a while to develop and that's the derek x and the hata yeah derrick and hannah there it's like kind of like danielle and dominic Witty banter. i love them showing excellent hannah. She should ask him to the problem and then she asked me. You know i. I love their back and forth there. They do have the exact same sense of humor that like dry wit type of thing and it them talking. I can sit and watch it on the feeds all the time and the feet aren't showing us them. They're showing us christian and eliza but you know if they give us more I dunno danna ex. I saw that or or or herrick. I dunno whatever the ship name is. I want more of it. Please and thank you. One one added benefits of derek. And hannah is that they don't pop each other's it's i do. I think that's the true test of a showman's like is it a good show manser a bad showman's on big brother. The answer that is the answer to that is in the form of another question. do they. each other's it's easy answer Yeah this is great. Jeff question breath bigger than you or a happy with your current relationship. Zits rather pop ones it and be done with them or would you rather have a giant jeff jordan retired. And you're watching life. Then we know the answer to that i was. I don't believe i ever Saw them popping each other's it's I think They were more of like You know she was saying funny things and he was making fun of the funny things. She was saying and And then he was yelling about tektronix They're great though. Derek and hannah people rooting for the showman's Hanna is in a situation where she has a crush on. Derek i think think that he As he said in the dire Is inclined to be like However he also had a recent situation with with a girl in hawaii And so you know. I don't know how far this will go. it made. It may be something that requires more time in the house for him to really get over that situation or something along those lines but Is this is some desert storm that a lot of people are invested in. Okay all right. A developing story For sure all right waiting to see if he's been laid to. Let's see what the wildcard competition tonight now. We haven't talked about this yet on this show. Did you notice that there is a wildcard comp theme song here we go wild card. Yeah i guess. I'm still partial to the bbc takeover theme more than anything package yelling at you like that. One package I don't think i've ever seen and do that before. I kind of play it again just so we can eat full screen. Doing the island. Did i'm pretty sure yeah I guess i just went over my head. Okay all right very catchy song from the queen's jokers the they very quickly come to a quick decisions. Gonna be tiffany. It's going to be brittany. Derek x Is going to do. It was to throw it to tiffany because Over a number of reasons One phrase that maybe brent might have to be safe field. Emily ends up winning it. And then there's a non zero chance he could go on the block yes This is if britney ultimately safe..

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