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Three point one K. it became the top story on this busy travel day all around the country has to do with the ladies in winter storms both on the roads and airports there are scores of delays for air passengers all around the country and at this hour westbound on I. eighty at immigrant gap has re opened it to cars that had been shut down for hours also northbound I. five between Y. Rica and reading remains closed due to spin out for more traffic news now here's Steve around Hey thanks so much Christina and Sam this report is sponsored by the Sacramento area sewer district probably looking fantastic in Roseville southbound sixty five your move at warp speed between room with me ranch parkway then I eighty heads up Sacramento westbound fifty just before Brian Shaw we got some carpet in the two middle lanes otherwise westbound I. eighty from Roseville to the split with to get twelve minutes westbound cabs city from the split the downtown nine minutes northbound I. five from our group the downtown twenty two minutes know about ninety nine from now grown to downtown thirteen minutes was found fifty from Folsom to downtown ninety minutes southbound I. five from woodland to downtown twenty one minutes thank you spell eighty fifty split from Davis to downtown sixty minutes the sewer system is probably the last thing on your mind but at the Sacramento area sewer district it's their first priority there is the region's largest sewer utility sewer problems call them first day or night at nine one six eight seven five six seven three zero learn more at Saks Seward dot com traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Steve Ferreira news that a three point one KFBK files and cool tonight tomorrow couple showers around the high today fifty three to fifty seven hello tonight.

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